Using what I got to get what I Want

As a naive middle schooler, I randomly rented the movie The Player’s Club. Distinct moments I remember are when a stripper uses the line “using what I got to get what I want” and a scene where an overzealous customer follows the main character home. Another scene from popular culture I remember is Ralphie murdering a stripper on The Sopranos. Safety is certainly a concern and one club I worked at had an unfortunate incident with a new stripper getting beat up by a group of customers after hours. She took the risk by getting in a car with them. While most guys go to clubs to indulge a fantasy, there are all too many customers who want reality. You almost can’t blame them for trying cause plenty of strippers do outcalls for extra money, especially in this economy with tips slumping.

My first night as a strip club hostess, I met managers of Chippendales and the other night I met a ripped dancer who works at gay clubs. It’s interesting to pick their brains about the other gender’s experience with the industry, but most people so intimately acquainted with the behind the scenes scene aren’t big spenders.

Speaking of fantasies, I was sucking up to a Robert De Niro lookalike the other night telling him it would be like a fantasy for me to give a private dance to a younger version of my favorite actor. He wasn’t feelin’ me unfortunately.


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