Working Subway Poles

When you start working in the strip club environment, there are certain things you can’t look at the same way. Baby wipes and baby powder, for example. A regular at the club where I bartended who was a horribly rude Conan O’Brein lookalike has tainted my image of the TV host.

I run around town working a number of different jobs by day. Stripping can’t be my only source of income, after all, or I’d have a big gap on my white collar resume to explain. Every time I’m bored riding alone on the train, I can’t help wondering why people don’t work those poles. In NYC, it’s so common for people to play music, tell jokes, tell sob stories and perform in other ways for tourists’ tips on the subway. Out of curiosity, I searched Youtube for videos of people working the MTA poles and found a pretty good one. Good Prince jam in the background too.


One Response to “Working Subway Poles”

  1. Juliana Says:

    that was pretty hilarious

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