All it Takes is One

Common phrase in the industry, meaning even if it seems like a slow night, all you need is one customer to turn things around. That’s how it was for me last night. I started off slow and at around 12:30, two guys sat in the VIP section, one of which made my night. They were young Italian American types from the Bronx and you might not have expected them to have money upon first glance. That’s why they weren’t being hounded by the other girls I guess.

I made about $250 off one of the two between many dances and a few back massages. It also helped that I got drunk off his bottle, mooched a million cigarettes (Newport lights, yuck but I’ll take what I can get) and shared an appetizer with him, saving me the $8-12 I would have spent ordering my own food from the kitchen.

In other news, the pole on our stage is mysteriously broken. As in, it’s ripping out of the roof somehow. Maybe a 400 pound fat chick auditioned? I don’t know how it suddenly comes undone like that, but last night, I had a good excuse to dance like the relative amateur I am. Nobody was doing fancy pole tricks or even basic spins. Hopefully they fix that today since it’s about to be the weekend.


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