Everyone’s a Little bit Racist…Sometimes

In our politically correct society, racism has a funny place in an industry based on catering to people’s physical types. I’ve been told numerous times that I have an advantage by being white and I’ve witnessed plenty of customers make racist comments. One guy made some kind of jungle comment about a dark skinned black girl and last night I heard a preppy looking white guy complain about all the little spics in the club where I work (it’s owned by Colombians).

There’s a nice black girl at my job who gets very prickly about race. She called out another white girl for using the N word (referring to an old white man I might add!) and she called out the same girl last night for calling Indian customers smelly. I honestly like the Indian customers cause they are usually easy to woo, are generally white collar with money and so far, haven’t smelled when I gave them dances!

Working in the service industry definitely can turn you a little racist. When I was a waitress my last two years of college, I came to expect black customers to be fussy and high maintenance and tip only 10%. Working at a strip club, racism is impossible to avoid. Being rejected by Colombians the other night based on not being latina is the one and only time I can think of that guys turned me down based on race. Black girls seem aware that it can be harder for them, but I wonder how often guys make rude comments about their race when rejecting lap dance offers. Dudes have certainly taken it upon themselves to give rude explanations to me when not tipping me or refusing a dance (one cheap guy at the bar said simply “you’re not hot.” to justify not giving me a dollar for 15 minutes of my dancing almost nude.)

On a similar racist subject (mind you racist assumptions can be based on truth!) it is easy for me to assume all the clubs I’ve worked at are cover businesses based on the origins of the owners. First, I worked for a Russian guy (Russian mob) then a club where random Italians kept visiting the Italian manager and going to the office, now a Colombian owned club. Strip clubs, I believe, have a reputation for being cover business central. I haven’t seen any evidence that massive amounts of cocaine are moving through my current club or anything, but who knows. Part of me wants to find out what kind of shady mob activities go on, but as a dancer, I’m better off minding my own business, hustling my tips and not biting the hand that feeds me (even if by feeding me, they are simply providing me a venue to make cash and taking a cut from me).


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  1. My Cubey Cubey World Says:

    You have a very interesting blog. Can’t wait to hear more. 🙂

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