Stripping Side Effects

I’ve been waddling around all day today cause I have major friction burns to the crotch area from lap dances. I was dumping pounds of baby powder on it at the club, but it still hurts. I’m not even wearing rough jeans right now, I’m wearing yoga pants and a soft thin thong!

The other main side effect of stripping is, of course, bruising. I have a big ugly bruise on the back of my right knee from the pole and my knees are always in a state of pseudo bruised from doing floorwork. The big black bruise that’s taking it’s time to die down is preventing me from wearing shorts or short skirts and dresses. How the hell does a broad get a bruise there if not pole dancing?

On a brighter note, my quads are in redonculous shape these days. I can’t say dancing has made me lose weight cause I drink like a fish (we get drink commissions) and I eat junk late at night, but I do squats for several hours per night. When I first started dancing, I remember being sore after my first night giving four lap dances. That amounted to about 15 minutes of squats. I still get a little sore now, but the muscles in my upper legs have certainly developed. Now if I can only pick up some fancier pole tricks, my arms will be smokin’ hot too.


One Response to “Stripping Side Effects”

  1. smartestgirlintheuniverse Says:

    Hey, thanks for telling me about your blog! So funny! Love it.

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