Everybody’s Hustling

As a stripper, my job is to hustle people into paying for my company. When I first started, I’d waste time chatting with cheap guys at the bar, perhaps allowing them to buy me a drink, but not having the courage to remind them I was working, not socializing. I’ve since realized most guys who sit at the bar are not worth your time and I give them about 1-2 minutes before walking away if they show little interest.

Although we are professional hustlers, we fall victim as well. Besides the standard house fee the clubs charge, which are easy to justify because of the security and amenities provided to us, the club finds other ways to gouge us. There are many fees such as late fees, fees for getting caught on your cell phone in front of customers, leaving early fees, no show fees etc. They are not always enforced thankfully. At the last club I worked at, there was a sign warning us that the cell phone use fee was a whopping $100. Clubs also may charge an additional fee if you are unable to pay your house fee up front at the beginning of the shift.

The biggest scam at my club is the dress code. Last Thursday I showed up and learned that I was not allowed to wear a long gown, which is usually the kind of dress required. I own a really cute short dress, the first stripper dress I ever bought and I was pissed I hadn’t known to bring it in with me that night. I ended up being hustled into buying another short dress which happens to be very cute, but I won’t be able to wear it often. That Thursday ended up being a huge let-down with a very cheap crowd and if you factor in my dress, I basically made negative money. Fortunately, the house mom lets us pay in increments for our dresses and tracks whatever amount we owe her night to night. This past Thursday we had another theme night where we had to wear all white. Since I didn’t already have a white dress, I bought a pretty new one that I honestly love. Still, I’m about $150 in the hole to the house mom between the $120 white dress, a thong and a $30 balance on the first short dress I got.


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