Trains and Trainwrecks

Since I live in Queens and have been a city dweller since the age of 17, I spend lots of time on public transportation. Especially the last couple weeks cause I’m apartment searching and running all over town to view places. I’ve definitely been the cliche disheveled female rummaging through her bag for keys, Metrocards etc…but these days on the train, there’s a new element of embarrassment to my frequent bag rummaging sessions. Trying not to let a random thong or stripper heel poke out of the bag for the world to see and judge me on. At the club, you can get a locker, but I haven’t worked there long and have to pay my dues to get locker status and put an end to running around with all my stripper crap; up to 2-3 dresses, pairs of shoes, thongs, garters, rubber bands galore and a crapload of jewelry and makeup. I’m looking a little like this girl on a daily basis….

Trying to find an apartment and make good impressions on people while running around like a bugged out hungover trainwreck every day. Slight conflict of interest.

And I bring you to the current contents of my bag.

Notice the lip gloss and lighter tied with a rubber band to the 5″ heel. Common stripper practice at clubs like mine where we are not allowed to carry small purses around and have to literally attach all our belongings to our bodies. I like wearing the wad of bills on my ankle except when I have too many singles I haven’t swapped for twenties, when the cash gets a little weighty and cumbersome.


2 Responses to “Trains and Trainwrecks”

  1. Lady of the Night Says:

    That’s a genious idea with the rubberband. Fortunately, since I work at a hostess club, basically a brothel, it is urged to always carry your purse…you can’t display in the open your condoms, lube, napkins for those happy endings, hand sanitizer, perfume, gloss, cigs, lighter…etc…

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