Mace is the Place

The first thing I think about when I hear the word Mace, or rather Ma$e, is the Bad Boy records rapper turned preacher well known for the “Can’t Nobody Hold me Down” single off Puff Daddy’s first album. But another girl brought to light last night that I might wanna carry the self defense weapon by the same name. Last night, some guys came in and were spending decent cash initially. I took one back for a few lap dances and he immediately asked “do you party?” which I only learned last year means, do you blow coke. These guys got it in their heads that myself and a friend I get along with at the club were gonna chill with them after work. We literally had to sneak out the back door and bolt down the street for a cab cause we knew they’d be waiting for us outside the club when we closed. Lesson learned yesterday was not to insinuate you will go party with guys after hours. The group from last night stopped spending the moment my girl and I began pretending we wanted to hang. I’m all set with gang bangs and risking my life going to coke head customer’s houses!I’ll have to figure out where a broad scores pepper spray. For now my Eve pussy spray will be performing double duty.


One Response to “Mace is the Place”

  1. Juliana Says:

    doesn’t security at your club escort you out if creeps are following you around?

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