Just Shoot Me…With a Dart

My gender has a reputation for being the more talkative one. But when it comes to strip clubs, you see a very disproportionate number of chatty Christophers who never shut up.

The most painful conversation I’ve had was on a slow Sunday or Monday night when I’d surveyed the same handful of customers a half dozen times. I started chatting with a man who had just come from shooting darts with friends. Normal enough activity. But he was in a dart league that he proceeded to break down for me in excruciating detail.

Another guy, very Italian-American, got to talking about cooking with me and proceeded to rattle off every ingredient of every recipe of everything he liked to make. Yes, garlic and parmesan cheese were oft mentioned.

The other kind of conversations that can be more engaging, but draining, is when customers insist on talking about politics or morbid subjects.

A guy last night spoke about his wife’s two brothers both getting killed on 9/11 and how the double tragedy ruined their marriage. Another guy who had been dragged to the strip club against his will for his birthday insisted on bashing liberal politics in hopes of a heated convo.


4 Responses to “Just Shoot Me…With a Dart”

  1. Shayna Says:

    Love the name of this blog! Thanks for stopping by Life: Forward – I hope you keep reading!

    Interesting line of work – I’m looking forward to reading the rest of your story 🙂

  2. Skinny Dip Says:

    I love your blog!

    This post kind of makes me wonder whether these guys actually came to the club to see pretty naked ladies or maybe they really just were lonely & wanted to talk (something I’ve wondered about before about strip clubs). What’s your take on this?

    • mountingandcounting Says:

      Hi, thanks for dropping by. I think you see both kinds of guys at strip clubs. Some are very manic and talkative/lonely, while others want to just watch the dancers on stage without chatting up the girls. For example, a blue collar construction guy might stop by for a quick beer or two to unwind and isn’t looking for company so much as relaxation.

  3. Caleb Says:

    Nothing impresses good looking strippers like inane conversation about nothing.

    What douchecanoes! (yes, my new favorite word).

    What about some of the best conversations you’ve had?

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