Stripper Karma

When I bartended at a strip club and wasn’t dancing yet, a dancer scolded me for leaving my money lying around in plain sight. She said she’d have problems with being robbed by other girls. I suppose the issue of stealing cash is pretty obvious in a work environment where many girls are funding a cocaine habit, 40K annual college tuition or are greedy enough to supplement their stripping income with escorting. But I try to be very good about leaving other people’s money alone in hopes of establishing good karma.

We get pretty tipsy at work sometimes, especially since our $10 per glass of champagne commissions encourage the habit, so most girls have had incidents of drunkenly losing money. My worst incident was on St. Patty’s Day. I’m Irish-American and I was milking it. Customers bought me a million Jameson shots and I got so drunk I had to ask to go home early. I lost money while hitting the Halal cart on the way home and fortunately, the Halal cart guy saved the many items I’d left by him. Being a regular and a tipper was an investment that paid off! Karma baby.

On the subject of drunk stripping, I of course wonder if the girls who do more daring acrobatic pole tricks have had bad incidents. I overheard one girl who has worked there for ages explaining how she used to do great pole tricks and stopped after a bad accident. I tend to half ass my stage time and play it safe, but I definitely start feeling sexier and throwing myself around a bit more when I have a buzz on. Before I get drunk, I just look like Britney Spears trying to make a music video on 100 mg of Lithium.


2 Responses to “Stripper Karma”

  1. Peter DeWolf Says:

    Amazing blog. Fascinating.

  2. Dawn Dash Says:

    Oh Britney… What a beautifully messy trainwreck!

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