Queens Vice

I’ve mentioned numerous times that we get drink commissions at my job, which encourages the vice (no vice tax on our free drinks like at the liquor store either!) I am definitely a fan of booze and the commissions enhance your earnings by at least $30 a night. They can also be your saving grace on a slow night, when guys feel more comfortable sipping Corona and chatting with you than trying to score a nip slip. Still, the number of empty calories I consume drinking every night I work more than compensates for the calories I burn dancing.

Smoking cigarettes has been an issue for me at my club, which allows smoking from 12:30AM-4:00AM. I quit smoking cold turkey for years and broke my streak a few months ago. I can basically attribute that to thinking of it as social smoking. Approaching random guys who might consider you their anti-type gets tough and awkward sometimes. I can talk to anyone about anything, but often find approaching someone with the question “do you have a light?” or “could you spare a cigarette?” far easier. Buttering a guy up by smoking a butt or having a drink with him before asking the inevitable “want a (private) dance?” is an essential part of the job.

Of course weed and the Miami-esque vice are constant temptations in and out of the workplace. The other day, I smoked with my friend who lives in Bed-Stuy, and in typical white girl fashion, I bugged out while waiting for a cab home, thinking I was about to fall victim of a drive by. I’m pretty ambivalent about cocaine, but I know there are staffers and patrons who take advantage financially of other girls’ cocaine habits, diminishing their earnings.


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