I Ride that Dick and I Handle my Liqu-ah!

Is it wrong that after 4 days out of town and away from the club, I’m already pining for the ghetto ass playlist?

My first night here in the sticks, I went to a Cobra Starship concert and the audience view was a giant tidal wave of tweeny-bop whites who consider “dancing” jumping up and down and bouncing against each other like ping pinballs.

The white DJ’s at the strip clubs I used to work at were convinced songs like Uninvited by Alanis Morissette and Don’t Speak by No Doubt made for a good stripping soundtrack. Always drove me crazy. But at my current club, ghetto crowds accompany the ghetto danceable music. Last I checked, yuppie extraordinaires don’t appreciate reggaeton street jamz as much as I do and they don’t make you turn around and jiggle your ass for a rumpled up dollar bill they decided to POSSIBLY spend on you instead of a 4 piece chicken nuggets with sweet n’ sour. Seriously, though when you need to shake your money maker for a living, which song would you request?



One Response to “I Ride that Dick and I Handle my Liqu-ah!”

  1. jeff Says:

    I’m at the club. The music Is great

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