For those of y’all who don’t know, Спасибо means thank you in Russian (pronounced spasiba). One of the four Russian words I’ve managed to pick up so far. I just want to say thanks in the universal language of de-robing for dollars (transferable via Western Union for rubles)  because my blog is still a baby and I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback. Of course, positive reinforcement helps us females of questionable self esteem, so I appreciate it and am glad many of you have professed yourselves addicts of this blog. Keep reading and I’ll buy you a shot of chilled Stolichnaya when our paths cross (no you can’t have free lap dances). Nasdarovya!

By the way, I feel like a hypocrite when I yell at my Gramma, a conservative who keeps going off on how we shouldn’t let any more Muslims or Mexicans in the country. I wouldn’t mind cutting off the Russians too, at least the pretty ones who can get stripping jobs.

I’m a sore sport like Nancy Kerrigan toward Oksana Baiul and I’m jealous they keep making twice the money I do and stealing my customers when I have to go on stage. In this crap economy, I’m surprised to always be one of a few token Americans. Where are all the chicks who got laid off from Prada and Conde Nast?


One Response to “Спасибо”

  1. Juliana Says:

    theytooksaaarrrjoooooobs!! lol

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