You’ve Got to Understand Marisa Luv da Kidz

The preceding Trick Daddy song is a jam I can’t get over. It’s pretty old at this point, but it’s a summer joint. The reason I decided to share it  was remembering Trick Daddy being known for setting up an alternative day care for kids of strippers. Guess you’d call it overnight care. Trick luv da kidz! Plus, it’s a song to get geared up for the hot summer months and reminisce fondly on the last days of Cee Lo singing like a member of Goodie Mob instead of Gnarls Barkley. The edited version of the video makes me think of the irony when strip club DJ’s play squeaky clean versions of rap songs. C;mon it’s a venue where girls fake finger themselves and hump each other for attention and tips. Customers can handle swears.

Notice all the orange soda in the video. My undercover racist Gramma made a comment two days ago that I reacted to in typical white guilt fashion. She said something about conformity using the expression “people who drink the Kool-Aid.” I thought that was one of her million comments about blacks, but she actually was referring to the cult followers who committed mass suicide by drinking Kool-Aid in Jonestown in the ’70s. Oops. Generational gap alert.


2 Responses to “You’ve Got to Understand Marisa Luv da Kidz”

  1. Shayna Says:

    I use the phrase “drinking the kool-aid” all the time – in reference to the cult – it didn’t occur to me that it could seem racist!

    Eeek! Ok, will be rethinking that in the future – I’m really enjoying reading your story!

  2. Jarha W. Says:

    Stumbled upon this obviously young blog via 20sb…. Gotta say….. LOVE IT! it’s fresh… unapologetic… and from what I can tell, it’s genuine!


    Keep it up!

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