I shared in an earlier post “Abort Mission Escort” that I once ventured into the Adult Gigs section of Craigslist. Besides just barely stepping off the ledge from turning into a call girl, I also met a couple random guys who were seeking mutually beneficial arrangements with girls. One was this absolute WASP jerkoff whose last name was Baxter and kept touting “unemotional sex.” Well, when you are fucking someone with bad breath who is a 2 out of 10, it’s emotional for you. For him, it’s just no strings booty. I’ve had unemotional sex, just not with the likes of him.

I still can’t quite understand how people can treat sex like a transaction. I basically am only willing to have sex with people who genuinely turn me on. In the case of my too numerous one night stands, that means just banging someone who got me horny, in most cases while drunk. In other cases, it involves guys who are OK looking winning out on personality or growing on me over time (say 2-3 days instead of my 2 hour average).

I try and maintain some of my other work gigs in addition to stripping. One reason is it helps keep me grounded and feeling like a normal member of society. It also gives me an actual paper trail of work that makes me look nice and poor for my taxes and my various sliding scale fees at health care centers etc…without making me look like I’m fully under the table.

I often peruse the Craigslist Event Gigs section for short term promotion gigs, trade show jobs and more. I’ve booked plenty of great legitimate stuff through Craigslist, but I’ve noticed more and more adult type ads have penetrated that section. Is it because some downscale bachelor party booking company doesn’t even want to pay the $10 Craigslist charges for Adult Gigs ads? Possibly. Is it because they don’t want the legal requirements and ramifications outlined by Craigslist for adult ads that may not apply to “Event Gigs” ads? Very likely.

In any case, I found an ad just today seeking exotic dancers. As you all know, I’m reasonably comfortable with exotic dancing. Lesbian double ended dildo shows for at-home bachelor parties? Not so much. The ad reads:

Team Risque is seeking the finest Erotic Dancers who are open minded and ready to make serious ca$$$h. We cater to the Adult Entertainment Industry by Promoting our Risque Ladies with paid gigs such as: Gentleman Clubs, Private Parties, Mens Magazines, Adult Films, Internet/Webcam Modeling and much more…

The pay range is $300-$1500 according to the ad (that is probably bullshit, the ad by the Russian who transports me to do out of state erotic dancing claimed $600-$1200 per night when I really make about $150-$250). The giveaway that it is more erotic than just dancing is the wording “open-minded.” Call me a snob, but I have plenty of evidence to support that the more “open-minded” a girl is, the more skanky the client expectations are and the less classy the girls will be. I’m sure high end call girls do some freaky stuff with their clients, but things are far more discreet, as their clients (ahem Elliot Spitzer), have more to lose. Every story I’ve heard from people who attended at-home bachelor parties, going away to Iraq parties and the like have been of utter disgust and every story I’ve heard involved the hired girls being busted and trashy.

On a very random note, I have been thinking of becoming a red-head again. I used to dye my hair dark red and now it’s back to it’s natural but boring light brown. There are no red-heads at my club and I feel like dying it back would make me stand out. It also helps my play up my Irish and LiLo lookalike sides.

I am growing very fond of working with other bloggers. Last week, a fellow female blogger posted an interview with me and I was very pleased that her treatment of the subject didn’t involve any condescending or judgmental tones. Her website is called and the interview is at

I’m also going to be running a Q&A and guest blog gig with the authors of

They are two male bloggers who write candidly about sex and relationships; a rare breed!

Also, look forward to the regular book reviews I will be posting on a weekly-ish basis. The first few titles I plan to review are:

Miles from Nowhere – Nami Mun

Candy Girl – Diablo Cody

Secret Diary of a Call Girl – Belle du Jeur and

My Horizontal Life – Chelsea Handler

I would like to sprinkle in some books by male authors in the sex industry as well. If anybody has book recommendations for me, I’d love to hear them. Miles from Nowhere was suggested by a friend and it is about a Korean runaway from the Bronx who becomes involved in heroin, escorting and more. Another way to keep myself grounded would be joining a book club, but it would have to be an NC-17 rated one instead of your run of the mill wholesome book club for fat housewives.

I am about to watch the full program of a CNBC special investigating high end prostitution. It aired back in November of 2008.

2 Responses to “Craigslist”

  1. Shayna Says:

    Craigslist is a major hit-or-miss — I’ve placed ads looking for home repairs (like, please come and move my patio furniture into/out of the basement), and gotten some beyond skeevy responses — which I realize isn’t Craigslist’s fault per se, since anyone can e-mail you, but does make me think twice before recommending the site to, say, my mother.

  2. Delilah Says:

    I thought Secret Diary of a Call Girl was really interesting. I haven’t read any of the others on your list, but I can’t wait to read your reviews!


    ps LOVE your blog!

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