Eye Know You Want Me

The last few nights, I’ve been making pretty solid cash. My standards are admittedly lower than the top earners at my club and as I’ve lamented before, there are nights I don’t make enough to justify being a stripper. Still, I know I’m getting better and better at picking up on guys’ cues and sweet talking them into lap dances. I’m also getting better at reminding myself that guys have to PAY for my company, a concept I was not used to before. I am more secure in my ability to hustle and no longer waste more than 5-10 minutes making bullshit small talk unless a guy shows me the money.

One thing I am positive I have trouble with and am getting better at is being sure to make eye contact. I’ve always noticed how the Russians lock their big seductive eyes on guys and practically hypnotize them. As a seasoned lap dance instructor and former stripper in Vegas said, “I teach women how to get what they want without saying a word.” I’m a bright, but ADHD type of broad who got through school by talking the talk. I was always the girl who didn’t finish the reading assignment but bullshitted my way through class discussions, often taking the contrarian point of view. At a strip club, blabbing will only get you so far. It’s all about the body language and eye contact. Does that mean popping onto a stranger’s lap instead of just standing next to him like at a normal bar? Yes, it’s constant. But the difference a little body and eye contact makes is tremendous.

One Response to “Eye Know You Want Me”

  1. Hater Von G Says:

    found you through 20sb. such an interesting blog… i’ll be coming back!

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