Since joining a lovely online community called Twenty Something Bloggers at, I’ve noticed an abundance of crappy giveaways on people’s pages. The not-so-coveted freebies are always exceedingly lame  and exploited in an effort to lure readers. Bloggers spam their links all over the place hoping people want something like Body Fantasy pharmacy perfume valued at $3.95 bad enough to read their stuff. I honestly saw that product harked through a giveaway, which coincidentally is the kind of stereotypical cheap stripper perfume poked fun at in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I may have shoplifted it in middle school and given it to a girlfriend from homeroom for Christmas, but I wouldn’t be caught dead with it now.

Anyway, I have a good giveaway. 2 free lap dances (with a bonus of blue balls) to whoever can identify the song in this YouTube pole dancing video. I want it bad. Yes, it’s ghetto and raunchy just the way I like. And hey, if you don’t live in NYC, I’ll hook fellow bloggers up with links and comments etc…

3 Responses to “Giveaway!”

  1. Martin Says:

    Too Short, “Blow the Whistle.”

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