Q&A With Guys: Pilot Episode

I’ve always thought of myself as one of those “guy girls” who prefers low maintenance male friends over catty drama queens. The girls at the strip club are surprisingly less dramatic than I expected and it’s not advisable to cry in the dressing room or carry on with sob stories. One girl’s dog had a steep vet bill and she was really upset and worried about making bank the night her dog got sick. Her good friend told her what I couldn’t say; to get it together and focus instead of giving off negative vibes and psyching everyone out. I went to private college with a lot of filthy rich girls who liked to invent drama where it didn’t in fact exist. Their lives were so easy they had to concoct situations to whine about.

Point is, due to having many male friends, I have numerous interview subjects to help me figure out how the male strip club customer thinks. Of course, no two customers are the same and differences in disposable income levels and attitudes toward strip clubs factor in. My good buddy agreed to offer some insight anonymously.

Q: When you go to a strip club, do you have a fixed amount of money you plan to spend or do you spend impulsively?

A: I typically spend impulsively. There are plenty of times I make a few too many ATM runs while in the club.

Q: So you are spontaneous when at the club instead of walking in with a mindset of “I’m getting two drinks and two lap dances?”

A: Absolutely. I sort of let the night take care of itself. I’ve gone in and spent very little and I’ve gone in and dropped several hundred. Every night is different.

Q: I notice some girls who are a bit overweight or less pretty still manage to make good money. Have you gotten dances from persistent girls you weren’t into?

A: Yes, I have. I certainly keep an eye out for girls I like more, but if I haven’t had a dance in a while and I’m fixed on staying at the club for a few hours, a persistent girl will win me over.

Q: I know you go to strip clubs with friends, but what about co-workers? I feel like in both cases, it must be awkward to be getting horny and even hard in front of the other guys.

A: I’ve never been with co-workers. I don’t feel to0 overexposed because there’s a sort of male understanding in place. You don’t stare at your buddy too long when he’s getting a dance and you’re not looking at him when you’re getting one. It’s sort of an unsp0ken code.

Q: I often blog about how girls turn tricks outside of work and I’ve heard of girls giving hand jobs in the middle of the entertainment floor when it’s busy enough. Have you been propositioned?

A: Not really. A girl who I went to a private room with indicated I could take my dick out once we got in there, but she didn’t ask for extra money beyond the champagne room fee I’d be paying anyway.

Q: Strip clubs always want to offer various “types,” as far as breast size, hair and skin color etc. Do you find yourself getting dances from girls who are different than the type you’d date in real life? Also, don’t let your white guilt hinder you from answering, but do you prefer white girls? I notice Manhattan clubs are very lacking in black girls.

A: I keep a pretty open mind at the strip club as far as type. I tend to date white brunettes, so I sometimes like getting a dance from a blonde girl or latina girl. As far as black girls, I’d say I tend to be more attracted to white, latina and asian girls…that’s just my taste, but I’ve had several dances from black girls.

Q: Do you ever get dances from strippers with gigantic fake breasts for the novelty of it?

A: I can’t say I have as a conscious decision. When it comes to fakes, there is a breaking point where they can be too big and I’m no longer interested.

Q: I know you like strip clubs, but many other guys complain about being teased without it leading to sex. What are your feelings on that?

A: Ha, I mean it does suck a little bit. I think when you KNOW it’s not leading to sex it’s different. I do have friends where it’s just not for them because of that, but it doesn’t stop me. I know I’m not going home with her. I’m not even trying.

Q: Do you have any friends who have hired escorts or prostitutes?

A: Not that I’m aware of.

Q: Clubs like a favorite of ours, Rick’s Cabaret don’t allow pole tricks while my club lets you go wild on the pole. To what extent do the theatrics of stage performance play in? What are your expectations as far as the entertainment aspect?

A: I don’t think the stage is a big deal, it’s just a way for a girl to get my attention and catch my eye. If she does fun moves it makes things fun and entertaining but it isn’t crucial. One example that impressed me was the girl at Hustler who climbs up a 2 story pole then slides down head first til she’s almost at the floor and stops just in time. Bottom line is a few extra twirls or tricks might get my attention, but it’s not a big deal for me.

Q: Can you describe a really bad or really good lap dance?

A: The worst is when the girl doesn’t even try to look like she’s having a good time. I’m not naive enough to think she really likes me but a like to suspend disbelief for a little bit. Further, you want contact. Some dancers focus too much on dancing in front of you but you want them to dance ON you.

Q: Would you mind describing any private room experiences you’ve had?

A: I had two, one pretty good the other bad. The good one was with an Asian who basically unzipped my fly and took my dick out within a couple minutes back there. It was mostly her just dry humping me but she allowed groping of her tits and ass. The other time, I had to ask the girl about private rooms which was a sign already she wasn’t in to it. Once we got in there, you could tell it was very business like for her. She allowed some touching but she basically just gave me a long lap dance. It was just paying a lot of money for an extended lap dance and extended tease.

Q: Lemme guess, she was Russian!

A: Ha yes. She was blonde, skinny, Russian.

Thank you so much to my buddy for offering his candid thoughts. Stay posted for further interviews with strip club customers. I want to keep a dose of testosterone in this blog, but I definitely want to interview bi and lesbian girls too. If anyone out there wants to volunteer, please let me know!

3 Responses to “Q&A With Guys: Pilot Episode”

  1. Sara Says:

    Wow, that was really interesting! Kudos to him for being happy to answer your questions. : )

  2. Jonathon Moxon Says:

    Mounting & Counting is such a good moniker.

  3. K Says:

    this post is 2 years old, but i am a butch lesbian who has had some experience in strip clubs in Australia and would not mind being interviewed. let me know!

    great posts, by the way

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