Can I Have a Baby by you Through a Surrogate and be a Millionaire?

This 50 Cent song always comes on at work.

I don’t want to have a baby by anyone, even if it would make me a millionaire. I’m scared of childbirth man.

There are plenty of girls at work with kids. A 23 year old Dominican has two kids already and the house mom had her first at 18. Another girl casually mentioned an abortion.

When customers ask me if I have kids, I at least get to tell the truth by saying no. But I tend to think “do I look like I’ve had kids?” I’ve put on more than a few pounds. Try almost two dozen, but I was too skinny before. So I tend to get self conscious if someone asks me about kids. Plus, why does a customer want to know?

By the way, I just watched that music video for the first time and noticed Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child as the main woman. Seriously? I know her career ain’t Beyonce’s, but does the have to resort to being a glorified video vixen without a verse in the song when she’s a singer?


One Response to “Can I Have a Baby by you Through a Surrogate and be a Millionaire?”

  1. suki Says:

    Maybe they want to know if the hard-earned $ are to support a child… Maybe they would shell out more knowing it’s for that reason? I have no idea.

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