Let me Entertain You

Sunday nights are hit or miss and last night was a bit of a miss. The crowd ended up being the type who wants to just watch us dance onstage and tip according to whatever fancy pole tricks we display. I am by far not the best dancer at the club, pole or otherwise. I’ve also sworn off doing moves that will leave bruises because I’m going to the beach with my family for Memorial Day weekend.

At the end of the day, I’m an articulate white girl who does better with men who are looking for company and intimacy. Humping other girls so men will rain bills on me isn’t quite my forte. I rely on lap dances, champagne commissions over conversation and the odd VIP room visit to make money and consider the stage a secondary bonus. On Saturday night, I was lazy on stage as far as dancing and fancy moves, but because it was busy, several guys approached me for lap dances saying “I saw you on stage, I’ve been looking for you,” etc. For me, the stage is a place to catch a guy’s eye for later, not work my ass off for singles.

Last night, I finally gave a girl a lap dance. I was making my way around the bar for tips after getting off the stage and a girl told me she wanted one. She said “you’re so beautiful” and it was pretty flattering since lots of girls who come in are just suppressing jealousy and secretly hate us. I also made some Indian guy cum in his pants after just two songs. Those are the moments where you feel like you might as well be a prostitute, when you’re a $40 7 minute dry hump fuck.

On a completely different subject, I hear a disturbing story from another stripper at my club. She has two pit bulls she’s borderline obsessed with and apparently came home to find evidence of a dog they’d killed the other day. She said another big dog had somehow gotten in her yard and her dogs had torn it apart so thoroughly in their garage that you couldn’t make out much of what the killed dog had been. She said something about blood spattered 10 feet up on the wall. The manager keeps saying “If you tell that story again, I’m calling the animal protection society.” The girl could definitely get in trouble and her dogs would be put to sleep in a second if they saw evidence of what happened.

I don’t understand the nature of pit bulls. So many people love them and defend their naturally sweet nature, but that story creeped me out. The girl says one of her dogs is a rescued pit bull who had been abused and that they are fine in public with other dogs due to the help of choke collars, but I wonder why they would kill so viciously. She’s not fucking Michael Vick running a dog fight ring and encouraging them to do it. But she was willing to conceal evidence of what happened and not do the right thing for fear of losing her dogs.


3 Responses to “Let me Entertain You”

  1. M. Says:

    That’s bloody freaky.

    A club down the road from mine used to have a Head Dancer who kept two of them dogs, there was rumors of her making them chase after girls if they refused to may house fee. I’m so glad I never worked there.

  2. libertinechic Says:

    i used to volunteer with the humane society (i know, i know… i actually have some philanthrophic bones in my body- so shoot me.)
    but a lot (and i mean over 80%) of the dogs we rescued were pit bulls or mixes

    it’s sad that they have such a bad rep, because the dogs we worked with were sweet. but i worked with the humane society in a major metropolitan city, and a lot of these dogs were used for dogfighting and had to be put down once they came in because many of these are inbred

    the michael-vick type pitbulls are actually very highly trained and obedient dogs, believe it or not, because there’s tons of money riding on them

    most of the pitbulls we got were run by back-asswards thugs, who didn’t properly train their dogs and were inbred etc. etc. which is why they’re so poorly behaved and will kill anything

    it’s very sad though, because many of the dogs which we don’t have to put down were simply abandoned – or worse. i know many horror stories… but they definitely get a bad rep.

  3. mountingandcounting Says:

    You’re absolutely right, pits carry that baggage of the bad rep and I’ve seen plenty who were gentle lap dogs. Also, they’re so in vogue now, back in the 90s the tough dogs were Dobermans and Rottweilers. That’s noble you volunteered, I’m too weak to handle that kind of work, even if it paid six figures, it’d make me too sad to see messed up dogs who had to be put down.

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