So when do you get Off?

Lately, I’ve been in “work so much you have no time to spend and can save more” mode. I put $500 in savings this week and am hoping to put that much or more in savings on a weekly basis. Working for dead presidents, it’s also easier to think of my accounts as “deposit only” because I pay bills and rent in cash. Today, for example, I’m stopping by a Radio Shack on the way to work to use cash from last night to pay my cell bill and I pay my Bank of America credit card bill in person at the bank.

Too many guys, usually cheap ones, always ask when I get off and where I live. I’m not the best liar, so I’m finding it easiest to tell the truth when I say I never have nights off. I’m so sick of guys saying they want to take me out to dinner or for a night on the town. They can’t seem to get it through their thick heads that I sacrifice at least $100 and up to $700 or so every night I take off.

Guys also can never seem to stop asking “do you have a boyfriend?” “Oh, why not?” There are tons of strippers with boyfriends and I can’t honestly understand how that works, but I’ve been perpetually single forever without ever falling in love.

Today I got a comment from another stripper who lives in Edinburgh. It’s good to hear from someone with a similar blog in a different location. Her blog is at

One Response to “So when do you get Off?”

  1. Annabelle Says:

    Ok, so, not a stripper but I understand what you mean about sacrificing the $100-$700. For me, not working a Saturday night at the restaurant is equivalent to throwing $150 in the toilet. It’s not FUN going out when you’re thinking about what you could’ve made.

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