Hung Over off 5% Champagne

I just woke up feeling pretty bleh with my contacts in. When I went to my bathroom mirror, I realized I’d tied my hair up in a sloppy Mulan-esque bun on top of my head with a silver sequined garter.

My customer showed up earlier than expected last night, maybe 10PM. Since he’s a bit shy, I was pounding champagnes for my commissions. I think my club owes me about $100 in commissions and I woke up with only $180 in my wallet just now. I might have lost a little money drunk. I also think I complained to my customer (oops turn off) because when we went in the VIP room, the club charged him $100 for them, which didn’t happen last week. I only got $100 off him I believe instead of the $250 I got last time.

The two of us were trying to see what percent alcohol my champagnes were last night and it turns out they are only valued at 5%. While that ain’t much, I still managed to get kinda sloppy off them after having about 10 in well under two hours.

One Response to “Hung Over off 5% Champagne”

  1. M. Says:

    That’s okay. I die after half a glass of champagne, and I doubt the ones here are much stronger. 🙂

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