Stripper Fashion Spread!

On the runway of….my bed. Without my body in them, trying to stay anonymous remember?

Speaking of fashion spreads, my stripper friend who is just 19 and also a model and photographer keeps saying she wants to do a photo shoot of me. I’m definitely going to take her up on it soon since I haven’t put new pictures on facebook since 15 pounds ago. I used to be bony, now I’m kinda a thick white girl (ahem euphemism for plump/meaty in a good way).

Got this dress last week, purple is my favorite color (notice my purple comforter, imitation down for $35 at Century 21 thank you very much) I’d been waiting for the house mom to get some dark purple dresses, so I was eager to scoop this up when I saw it.

This dress is snazzy, but I don’t wear it that much.

Short dress. Mini gown for nights they they let us wear short stuff (I prefer not to but sometimes it makes me feel leggier and it’s a novelty)

Shoes! The purple ones were only $20 but they’re intensely uncomfortable. Ellie’s shoes are unbelievably comfortable considering the height. They are a common brand for dancers and my personal favorite.

Notice the $28 Dior lip gloss strapped to the 7″ heel. The clear shoes were given to me by a friend. They’re a size big on me, but the boost in height makes my 5’3″ ass feel much taller and sexier.

One of my favorite dresses. It’s sheer so you see my legs through it when I’m dancing and it makes my hips look great.

A number of G Strings. I love the black one with the rhinestones and I treated myself to the Hustler brand Hustler thong last week. I can finally put the Hustler label on myself now that I actually have hustling skills, unlike my first month of stripping when I earned jack.

Another favorite new dress that looks great on me, along with some essential stripping gear; hair straightener, fake fancy jewelry, combination lock to store my things when working, glitter eyeliner, Dior mascara, bronzing lotion, vanilla scented lotion and spray tan stuff (the junk you put on your legs to look like you have pantyhose on).

Another shot of my gear along with my favorite scent, Miss Dior Cherie (have you noticed a trend that I love Dior cosmetics. They make the best mascara and lip gloss and I’ve used that perfume for three years now).

My only two piece dress. Looks way better on me than in the picture. I bank in this guy and I like how this shade of blue compliments my newly dyed red hair.

I’ve spent a pretty good chunk of my stripping money on all this gear and I’m going to try not to buy anything else for a while. I’m in saving mode.

I just signed up for a Gotham Writer’s Workshop for TV Writing. Writing an HBO pilot is my dream, so that’s my first stripping cash investment. I also plan on getting my first studio in August when my lease is up and for my Birthday in October, my gift to myself will be Lasik eye surgery. I’m so blind and glasses and contacts are an expensive pain in the ass. Lasik is only about 3K but I sure wish I could sleep through it.

The studio and surgery (which I find far more worth than the prevalent plastic surgery in my industry) are all realistic now that I’m making good money. I can still put a grand or so per month toward my credit card and savings while working toward those goals. My credit card is about 5K so I should have it paid off by the New Year.

One Response to “Stripper Fashion Spread!”

  1. Sandy Says:


    I love your $28 Dior lip gloss strapped to the 7″ heel sexy shoes

    keep on blogging

    XXX Sandy

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