Boob Job Gone Wrong

There’s a really pretty girl at my club who has an awkward lumpy left breast. She is stunning in general, a curvy latina with a thin waist, soft skin, nice lips and smile. But that left boob of hers is horrible. It’s also distracting. I’m squeamish and I have no desire to go under the knife or hear about the surgery. But this picture of a breast augmentation implies what might have gone wrong with the girl.

The lump is on the bottom part of the breast under the nipple and you wouldn’t necessarily see it from a mile away, but anywhere within 10-15 feet it’s painfully obvious. I find it mildly gross and if I were a guy, it’d almost be a deal breaker. One of the guys in VIP last night was digging the girl so her general prettiness was probably enough compensation/distraction from that fault. Whatever doctor she used wasn’t careful about sewing her back up nicely after inserting the implants.I’m not a litigation whore, but I’d sue if my left titty looked like that!

I used to work as a  waitress with many former Hooters girls (they closed Hooters where I was living at the time). They all had cheesy low end boob jobs that were beyond obvious. I don’t have anything against getting yourself done a bit. Boob jobs are a way to be big in the right areas and stay skinny otherwise. Most girls aren’t lucky enough to weigh 100 pounds, have a teeny waist, zero cellulite and DD’s. It just doesn’t happen. I have more T&A then I used to thanks to weight gain, but there’s a little F&C(Flab n’ Cellulite) to go with it.


One Response to “Boob Job Gone Wrong”

  1. April Says:

    wow poor girl. what did she do to solve her issue? how did she hide her problem from customers or did anyone ever say something to her?


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