You Booze You Lose

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve now gotten too drunk two nights in a row and left work early (you’re not supposed to do that and we tend to get a late night crowd).

I haven’t had much of an issue with getting too drunk at work because I tend to sweat off some of it dancing and often my drinks are few and far between. On Monday night, I was at least drinking for champagne commissions, but last night I just got drunk off a VIP table’s bottle of Grey Goose.

When I got home last night, both of the locks on my apartment door were locked. Usually I just lock the bottom one but my roommate, who is in the process of moving out, had locked the top one. I couldn’t, for the life of me, unlock it in my drunken state and proceeded to throw a shit fit kicking at the door with my strong foot (the right one) and pushing on it with my back. Now my lower back and right ankle kill and I can’t even work up the energy to go grab a water bottle at the store half a block away.

I was calling 411 for a locksmith and essentially ditched them once I finally managed to get in. Sorry to be selfish, but I didn’t do well last night and I don’t want to pay upward of $50. I have to leave my roommate a note pleading with her not to lock that door anymore.

Last night, I was complaining to the manager that I wanted to collect my drink commissions from Monday night. Usually the bartenders start submitting the drink tickets with our names on them to the house mom at around 3AM. Since I left early, the manager was saying I might not get the commissions (I have to talk to a different manager who wasn’t there last night). Basically, it doesn’t make me look good that I drunkenly ditched work early yet again just last night. What’s gotten in to me? A lot of times I have 5+ drinks that don’t even phase me. My tolerance is so unpredictable. Last night it probably had to do with skipping dinner.

Regarding the unpaid commissions, the club owed me at least $100 on Monday. Since my stupid ass left early, I’d be out a decent chunk of money if they don’t pay me. The club supposedly has a $30 fee for leaving early. Obviously, I’d prefer to pay that and still come out on top $70 or so dollars than lose the commissions. However, bouncing early again last night doesn’t help me look any better and could possibly cost me another $30. Who knows. They don’t really enforce it. I just know I need to get my shit together and I feel like a decrepit hot mess.

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