You’re Talking a Lot, But You’re Not Saying Anything

I’m a talker. I’m no mute. In fact, I often blurt out too much and could afford to hold back. But sometimes my work life drives me to hole up and reserve specific times to NOT TALK. I get so chatted out it’s exhausting and I’ve heard not interacting with the customers is a big perk of being a go-go dancer instead of an exotic dancer. I feel lucky not to go home to a boyfriend or husband and kids that I have to entertain and take interest in. I have ample opportunity to mellow out quietly or take long walks alone.

Problem is, I do have the gift of gab. I’m better educated than the average stripper by far and have to use it to my advantage. Especially since I’m not exactly the youngest, freshest, leanest cut of meat available on the strip club market. I just escaped New York City for Memorial Day weekend on the beach and although I have a nasty sunburn on my back now, the hours I spent just relaxing and reading without chit chat were priceless. I lost weekend money by taking several days off work, but the job is so exhausting I need those breaks once every month or so.

I used to work at a horrible call center for $15 p/h where all us customer service reps had to yak nonstop and kiss high maintenance asses all day. Having to talk ad nauseum to people you don’t necessarily want to talk to is grueling and tedious. At least doing it at the strip club can yield some serious cash instead of some pitiful bonus if your Quality Assurance average is immortal enough.

I’ve had “just talking” in the VIP room scenarios at $100+ for a half hour to me and wish guys always had to pay to sit with us. Sure, they have to pay to play, but many of these lonely tightwads just want a pretty face to keep them company at the lowest price point. I’ve heard strip clubs in different locations have rooms for talking that guys have to pay for by the half hour. I’ve also heard that certain clubs have rules about not talking to a guy for over 2-3 minutes unless he gets a dance. I think that’s a great way to weed out the all the cheap bastards seeking free therapy and free girlfriend treatment, but of course some men feel more comfortable chatting for a few before getting their crotches dry humped.

When I get overwhelmed and want to chill, I have a few go-to songs. The Sound of Silence from The Graduate, Naive Melody by Talking Heads, Hometown Glory by Adele and Other Side of the Game by Erykah Badu. A little Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode never hurts either.


2 Responses to “You’re Talking a Lot, But You’re Not Saying Anything”

  1. Shayna Says:

    Love Adele! My job isn’t a lot of talking — it is accounting after all, but after spending all day saying just the exact right thing at the right time, or not at all, and dealing w/ way too much office politics, I’m relieved when I go home to my quiet house, and my dog who is happy to see me, but does not require small talk… but I also have the gift of gab (I can easily chat for an hour or so on the phone with a friend – not a problem!). Hope the sunburn fades soon!

  2. Sara Says:

    I love to talk, but I also NEED my quiet time every day. I don’t talk much at my office so on off-days, I still want some time alone where I don’t have to speak to anybody. This past weekend, my in-laws came in town and it was exhausting having to come up with conversation topics for the whole freaking weekend.

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