I have always been a lucky girl. In high school, I got pulled off a wait list to transfer to a wonderful private school. Senior year at that school, I got pulled of the wait list to my first choice college on the last day before the deadline. In college, I managed an honors degree, using my bright albeit ADHD as fuck brain to bullshit my way through class discussions and term papers. I usually just took the contrarian point of view, which I genuinely believed in most times because I’m not a conformist by nature, and I’d earn the respect of my professors by calling them out instead of agreeing with them and acting like a yes man. Turns out being a feisty argumentative broad doesn’t translate well outside academia into the world of corporate America.

The real world has kicked my ass since graduation a few years ago and it’s kicking my ass right now. My manager at the strip club basically isn’t letting me work. I am not full-blown fired but I’m basically on reserve. I haven’t worked a shift since a week before yesterday, so my cash flow has been reduced from making $200-$600 or so at least 4-5 nights a week to making NOTHING. I have another gig working at Yankee Stadium, but that is far from steady and I’m not the first in pecking order for that either. It also doesn’t pay cash.

This morning, my crackberry mysteriously died. I’m praying it comes to because, it being the second of the month, it is not a good time for me to shell out hundreds on a new phone. Not having a phone is hindering the process of hustling new work gigs. That crackberry is my life line and even if I replace it, I’m going to lose the phone numbers of my house mom, my manager and all my regular customers, as well as other people who have employed me.

I had just started building some real momentum at the strip club. The first month of stripping, I was going home with a handful of singles every night. Over time, I got a little better and would make about $100 per night. Then I really got into the hustling groove and started making a minimum of $200 per night and up to $700. All of a sudden, I just don’t have income. I can’t just be on call for my job, the whole point was to work so much I had no time to spend. I’m kicking myself for getting on my manager’s bad side last week while the more forgiving house mom was out of town. I pleaded with her to get me some shifts, so I hope she advocates for me. If the club has me come in Saturday, I can make over half a month’s rent in just one night (hopefully) so I’m praying they bring me back soon.

There is no safety net as a stripper. You’re off the books. I hardly think they give workman’s comp to girls if they fall off the pole and hit their head.

I blogged a couple weeks ago about a Russian driver you would take me to strip out of state. Under my current underemployed circumstances, he would be my backup plan to continue some cash flow. However, he exposed himself as a threatening pimp type of guy, so I can no longer work with him.


4 Responses to “Stressing”

  1. unbreakable Says:

    I know this cant be a good ting as you have just got that apartment, wish you all the best with the phone and the house mom especially the manager.

  2. M. Says:

    Bad shit happens man, it’s no good. A stripper’s income is never fixed but remember we can never actually get ‘sacked’ because it’s a pretty easy process to get a job anywhere else. I’m not sure what it’s like over there but over here you get some clubs that you pay ‘commission’ insted of house fee – eg £10 for a dance, you get £7 and the club gets £3 – so that helps if you don’t have much to get started in the first place.

    Stay away from that crazy russian motherfucker! I got the creeps just reading about him :O

    good luck girl! x

  3. mountingandcounting Says:

    Thanks hun! My friend from the club just got hired by a strip club where I used to bartend so I’m going in with her tonight to try and work no house fee! It helps that I already know the manager and lotsa dancers there 🙂 Maybe I can bartend some too if they don’t have tons of dancing shifts.

    • Shayna Says:

      Glad to hear it! Good luck – glad you’re staying away from the scary Russian — getting into cars to go out of state just sounds like a bad plan!

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