Back in the Straddle

Finally worked tonight for the first time in 1 4/7 weeks. I was too exhausted to really hustle, so it was only okay. My mind wanted to make bank but my body wanted to be at home in a deep Ambien induced sleep.

When it comes to Friday and Saturday nights, quantity of customers doesn’t necessarily mean quality. I much prefer the more laid back businessmen who dominate on random Tuesdays than the 23 year old Bridge and Tunnel types who a) have no money and b) are young enough to get it for free.

One pet peeve I forgot about at my club is when cheap guys literally rain cocktail napkins. If it’s real money, fine, rain all you like. But if you’re just making a mess by killing trees, you’d be better off stealing the napkins and jacking off into them.

Some guys turn you off so much, you’ll turn down money. At least I will. I’ve approached certain men that smelled so gross, I couldn’t bear the thought of giving them lap dances. Today, I was running away to hide in the dressing room when a sleazy guy grabbed my arm. I took him for dances and a minute into it, he bit me. He got four dances total and he was grabbing my meaty bits too hard, scratching a bit. Plus he had major body odor. Of course the DJ decided to play long-ass extended dance mix songs during those dances and I was so eager to escape, I turned him down when he asked for one more.


2 Responses to “Back in the Straddle”

  1. Shayna Says:

    Glad you’re back to working! Perhaps you could institute a smell surcharge? 😉

  2. M. Says:

    Once I danced for this guy and he had really nasty knobcheese. It was like acid on my nostrils.

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