Loose Lips Sink Strip(pers)

Sunday night, a couple guys were sitting at the bar just drinking water bottles. The talkative security guard was saying he thought they were cops.

My friend took one of the two for lap dances and right after she got out of the lap dance room she said “those white guys are cops!” She said the guy she danced for was asking about the VIP room and what they could do there. That girl doesn’t do sex in the VIP anyway (she’s a tall skinny model, not fat old and desperate like this other girl who always tries to talk guys into fucking downstairs).

I’ll be honest, for $500, guys fuck in my club. $200 goes to the club and $300 to the girl. It’s scandalous, yes, but it’s better than being a streetwalker with an abusive pimp kicking your ass. I’ve gone to the VIP room for non-fucking scenarios which basically means staying within my limits but negotiating a different amount of money.

When guys ask me about the VIP room, I have to gauge what to say to them. If they’re just broke losers, I pretend the room doesn’t exist. If they look like they have money, but have nobody to vouch for them, I’ll talk to the manager. If they are an established regular, it’s usually not an issue. Long story short, that room is straight up illegal. It’s not an obvious champagne room like at other strip clubs. It’s a room downstairs that most guys wouldn’t notice on the entertainment floor and would have to ask us about. You have to be careful who you talk to about it and what you say. I never bothered to think about cops and I think I’m less street smart than other strippers. I don’t have the cop radar others have grown used to.


6 Responses to “Loose Lips Sink Strip(pers)”

  1. Aaron Says:

    I didn’t know where to email you…

    Is this the picture from your banner?

  2. mountingandcounting Says:


  3. Shayna Says:

    I can see why the room at the club would be safer — Interesting point about cops though – Hopefully you’ll get a cop radar by osmosis from being around girls who already have one!

  4. erin likes it hot Says:

    It doesn’t seem like you need to worry too hard, you’re not doing desperate things, like you said. If the club gets in trouble, what’s it to you?

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