The Dark Side of Pole Dancing….

No I don’t mean drugs and hooking, cash-grubbing thieves and Russian mob pimps. Shady money-laundering/mafiosi managers and customers forcing their dick on you in champagne rooms. I mean literally dark, as in bruises.

I spent my recent time in Las Vegas not giving a crap my pasty skin was exposed poolside with pole bruises. A full week off of pole dancing allowed the bruises to go away but the minute they peaced out, I resumed my classes and they are back to haunt me now.

So while this might be sexy…

It puts lots of pressure on the upper arm, leading to this….

While this may be sexy….

It definitely leads to this…

(doesn’t my pasty leg look like the moon with craters seen through a telescope instead of a pale leg with some pole bruising?)

This is kinda purty…

Until your gyno hands you a pamphlet for domestic abuse hotlines upon seeing your upper upper thighs.


4 Responses to “The Dark Side of Pole Dancing….”

  1. Dave Says:

    I dont think the Pole dancing part is EVEN REMOTELY SEXY as Ive said before , purely use it as a fitness role ..Its certainly NOT what will make good lap dancers / strippers / exoctic dancers money .

    It may however , help you gain awesome muscle tone ..thats the trade off ..Not the moves .
    So keep the exercise element in persective . The punter doesn’t cheer the move from a sensuality perpective , its from an Olympic games perpective ..Lol ..Thats all it is .

  2. newyorkcliche Says:

    I love this updating frenzy! Took me a while to catch up ๐Ÿ™‚ It is funny (maybe “funny” isn’t the right word) how people see bruises and automatically jump to domestic abuse conclusions- there are so many ways to end up looking like blue moon craters. I hope you get that Adam Sandler movie gig- sounds like it’ll be an awesome story at the least, and if you’re topless there’s no way you’ll be treated like an extra

  3. Sasha Says:

    I find pole dancing extremely sexy and not because I pole dance. I first started pole dancing after watching Felix Cane perform and win the Australian pole dancing championship in 09. I have seen a number of pole dancers since then, some sexy, some not. It all depends on the person and the moves that are on display. In a strip club atmosphere, its all about sex and the thought of sex, in a pole competition its more art and athleticism. I know a wide range of moves and if done without looking like a spider monkey, in a controlled sensual matter, my whole stage performance is sexy. Some moves are just for a wow factor, but when floor work and pole work are timed correctly, with the proper music, an entertainer will have every guy in the room watching and wanting to tip her. I find men respect and appreciate the time and effort that an entertainer puts into learning to pole dance. I could just stand on stage, play with my boobs and shake my butt, but twenty other girls just went up before me doing the same routine, boring. All the bruises and aches and pains were worth it and like I tell my customers if I can go on stage and do what I do all by myself, imagine what I can do with a partner in the VIP

  4. Dani Says:

    I had a gyno ask me if “everything was ok at home” with that whole gentle touching on my arm thing.
    Me: It’s from my job.
    Her: What do you do that would cause that?!
    Me: I’m a dancer.
    Her: ๐Ÿ˜€ OH! What kind…do you work at such and such theatre.
    Me: The kind that takes off her clothes.

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