Fantastic Voyage

This video is amazing, just like DJ Hennessy’s other Vageant Vid.

Something tells me Club Rouge in Portland will have quite the turnout for next year’s contest, I know I’m hoping to be there (as a spectator, not contestant!)

Only one criticism of the video editing. Girls don’t suddenly end up in a horizontal up n’ down pole split at minute 3:18, the art of going down into a split alongside the pole (THEN bouncing a bit) is a never-fail, when-in-doubt/out-of-ideas kind of stripper move.

One Response to “Fantastic Voyage”

  1. Kristen Says:

    I’m glad you like my videos. (: But just so you know. the seen in the club was support to look like they had been there for awhile. thats why its the way it is.

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