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December 31, 2011

Minute 1:37, 3:07, 3:37, 4:00

Youtube videos of actual strippers doing their thang at clubs are hard to come by. I’m sure the occasional asshole sneaks some stuff on there, but most Youtube searches yield pole exercise studios for civilian women and pole competition athletes, who have different priorities and ways of moving than strippers stripping.

Finding this video of highly skilled tandem feature dancers at work is kinda the next best thing.

Gotta love the stomping and clomping of the two dancers at 3:30. The whole clonk your heels loud as ya can move is a plea for tips, not to mention a much-needed physical break between insane pole tricks!

Of the well-known pole competitors, I’m diggin’ Alethea Austin. Since I’m obsessed with Animal Magnetism by Scorpions as a stripping jam, I stumbled on this number.

I’m planning lots of Winter travel to strip in New Orleans and elsewhere. I’ll keep you posted. If only I could get rid of my apartment early….all $1,900 a month of it, despite a scam fire escape and kitchen lights that never ever work because the electricity is probably from the ’50s.