Almost Back in the Straddle Again

February 1, one-way flight to New Orleans. Two month 1 BR sublet in a great area at just $775/m including utilities. Bourbon St. beckons. If I want to stick around until Jazz Fest in late April/early May I’ll have to find another sublet, but either way I’m pumped to get the hell out of freezing cold New England for the rest of Winter.

I’m going to hit Babe’s Cabaret first since they are likely to welcome me back, but I’m also hoping to switch clubs or pull double duty. Barely Legal, Penthouse, Rick’s and Hustler are on my to-do list, but Scores is not, because I hear it sucks in New Orleans compared to New York. Last time, I noticed this one girl-on-girl show club that was downright depressing. They had a bed on the stage and all the girls were sitting there looking bored like it was a brothel lacking guys to choose from the line-up.

I worked at an on-again, off-again office job this week, and was amused when someone pointed out a secret “champagne room.” I think all the Veuve is left over from Christmas gifts; God forbid they gave the excess to us lowly part timers!

The Winter blues hit me like a brick this year, particularly around the Holidays, so the fact a long-term New Orleans getaway is on the horizon has really elevated my mood. I’ve been feeling pretty damn frisky and successfully seduced a guy from the office yesterday. We had good vibes and our eyes on each other from the get-go. The flirting was obvious and I knew it wouldn’t be the biggest challenge. But there was one slight obstacle….a girlfriend. I’m so used to cheating men, I couldn’t care less. I tried to impress him with my new pole and had a total blooper. Oops. Fail.

I played on my pole for a solid hour or two the other night and was sore the next day. I haven’t been working out enough lately and I’ve been eating junk, so I’m very eager to get back to dancing for hours on end and, once again, having a job where exercise is integrated, unlike the cubicle week I just had.

I feel like sharing the below video for a couple reasons: it’s very sexy, but super easy and safe, save for a couple shoulder mounts that would take practice for a newbie. There is a disconnect in the “pole fitness” world between the exercise aspect and the sexiness factor. The place I’ve been going is great, but they get too preoccupied with the acrobatics, and not the sexiness. On the other hand, different pole studios are downright silly with their boa feathers and frumpy hapless end users. I think it’s lame to teach lap dancing, but I admit I’m still too scared to pull the handstand flip over type of moves some girls do. Plus I think it’s tacky to flip over so your pussy’s in a guy’s face, that’s just asking to be violated….or tipped….or both.



4 Responses to “Almost Back in the Straddle Again”

  1. Sex Mahoney Says:

    Why does everyone get depressed in the winter? That’s when it snows and snow is magical.

  2. erin likes it hot Says:

    If I tried that dude would ask for his money back, no question.

  3. newyorkcliche Says:

    you’re blogging again! yay! New Orleans sounds like a great out run the winter blues, cant wait to hear about it

  4. Melissa Pace Says:

    Hopefully New Orleans will be a good solution to your winter blues. Have a great time!

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