Shit Guys Say to Strippers

Someone made the inevitable “Shit People Say to Strippers” video, but it left me unfulfilled. I’m starting a list to update later.

“If we go to the champagne room, what can we DO?”

“Go talk to my friend, he’s the one with all the money.”

“Do you get along with the other girls?”

“I’ll give you $500 to meet me after work.”

“You weren’t very friendly during that lap dance”


“Come back in 45 minutes, my direct deposit hits at 9:00.”

“I’m not used to clubs like this. The clubs are sooooo much more liberal in —–”

“No offense, but I’m here to see —–”

“So are you in school? You must have an exit strategy….”

“Do you know where I can find (fill-in-the-blank-drug)?”

“Lemme take you to dinner!”

“Let’s hang out when you get off.”

“I’m not really a strip club guy.”

“I’m not really a lap dance guy.”

“Why should I pay to be teased?”

“Do you do any work ‘on the side’?”

“Do you do any ‘freelance’ work?”

“Tell me your real name.”

“So, do you have kids?”

“You don’t belong here. You’re different than these other girls.”

“Are you interested in webcam modeling? Here’s my business card.”

“Are you interested in Heroin, you should try it!”

“My marriage is deteriorating, but it’s cause my wife —–.”

“You’re like my muse.”

“My friends dragged me here.”

“I can give you everything you want.” (PIMP ALERT!)

“We’re talking business, can you come back in a little bit?”

“So are you into girls?”

“Are you into swinger couples? We are.”


blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah.” (Tranlsation-“I’m lonely as fuck!.”)


4 Responses to “Shit Guys Say to Strippers”

  1. Sex Mahoney Says:

    The direct deposit one is the most unexpected. I mean, I’ve been in that situation with groceries, gambling debts, and bribes, but at a strip club?

  2. Dave Says:

    Yep ..all comments that should be expected . But the point is simple , and Ive said this to so many , If you are worried about these kind of comments ..You simply dont have what it takes to be involved in Exoctic dance . As with any business if you hate you customer you will never perform well .
    The girls who excell ( and you see this on S/W ..YOU CERTAINLY see it in Australia ) are the girls who wouldn’t even fully listen . Why would it remotely matter what they say ?? They are the customer , whatever they say is correct and thats how you build a Network ..Once again in any business .
    Those who mentally and have a handle on ( and are relaxed with ) what they are selling will excell ..The rest will always struggle .
    But if you focus on aspects that decrease your income ..Its pretty simple ..Negative input in ..Negative out .

    When I take my business groups around ( mainly from Asia , coming to Australia ) I tell the guys who they will dance with and where their money will go and it goes to those who are the best ( not always the absolute glamour ) . 3/4 of the Industry is between your ears , if you need help to deal with it you should follow that tru ..Because Its not going to change .

    But you may let it change you … Sorry , but Ive seen this Industry create Stars ..But Ive seen it Spit out probably 80% ( at least ) ..The predominantly USA S/Web supports what I say ..Just so many of those girls are destroying themselves ..they cant handle it , But at the same time many dont want to handle .

    I do have some great examples on the other side ..quite a few ..But it takes a special attitude .

  3. Owl Says:

    Hahaha…. These are great. I liked them a lot better than the ones from the video. As an ex-prostitute, I’ve heard a lot of these.

    “It’s unbelievable how smart you are”
    “I’ve never met one like you before”
    “You’re too smart to be doing this”
    “Tell me your real name”
    “I don’t usually do this, but…”
    “If you quit and date me, I’ll support you financially”


  4. snow white on da block Says:

    hahahaha this is what i say to them :

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