Some bullet points on what I’m learning down in New Orleans:

-I should upgrade to Rick’s Cabaret from my current club since I have a single 1″ by 1″ tattoo easily covered with makeup. To quote another dancer “when I worked there, girls cried if they didn’t make a thousand.”

-Extras are known to be rampant here and judging by a hottie saying she had yet to clear $100 after midnight and how being “well mannered ” factored in, it seems that the tug of war is in effect.

-Guys are decently willing to pay for your company. I sat with two guys, one steadily tipping singles $5ish at a time, the other tipping $20 every couple songs instead of getting dances. Neither of them got dances from other girls, but both were cool about “knowing why” I was there.

-The club doesn’t seem to prefer my earning that way since they aren’t getting a cut.

-It’s tempting to continue at my current club cause I’ve never seen a nicer crop of staff or girls, and genuine camaraderie makes the job easier.

-My vocal chords are way too fragile. I forgot how easily I lose my voice.

-I also forgot how it feels to get in bed encased in cigarette, cigar and black n’ mild scent.

-My looks fit in well where I started; lots of wavy-haired brunettes whose hair is natural. I hope to keep up my natural hair cause the humidity is worse than I expected for this time of year.

-Walking even a block or two on Bourbon when you get off is incredibly annoying. Too many pushy guys sneaking up beside you from behind trying to stop you in your tracks, and tagging along if you keep moving.

-It’s hard not to drink a drop, but easy to avoid getting drunk. The reason it’s hard is feeling compelled to help the waitresses and shot girls.

-I need to learn how to sell VIP rooms without falsely soliciting, cause I’m all set going to jail during Mardi Gras.

-I can probably do great on day shifts given the lack of competition. I’m trying the stripper double shift route for the first time and will report back. Compared to my clubs in NYC where day and night were super segregated, here I can do days but stay as late into night as I feel like.

-I need some non-gown stripper attire if I don’t move on to a franchise club; Bourbon St. is casual compared to snobby NYC and I’d look stupid in gowns.

-Bourbon St. is very unpredictable as far as clientele, but I like that, save the hick last night who wanted to talk about Nigger this, Nigger that. Strippers face the issue of letting racism slide too often; it sucks but it’s par for course. People on Bourbon are usually ripe to spend money on “entertainment” and are likely to be in vacation-mode, so it’s really just a matter of gauging their budgets.

I’m working tomorrow before, during and after the Super Bowl. Debating whether to play up, neutral or down my Pats fandom. If it were high stakes Red Sox playoffs, I’d rep Boston all the way, even if it hurt my wallet.



5 Responses to “Refresher”

  1. Katie Says:

    What bar do you work at? I currently work at Razoos, but I’d like to change it up 🙂

    • mountingandcounting Says:

      Cool I worked at BBC as shot girl ages ago, it seems like shot girl is a very common gig at strip clubs in NOLA, if u try a strip club, dancers will help u sell and if ur comfortable, u can go to champagne rooms with customers.

  2. Dave Says:

    I have actually been to New Orleans and absolutely loved it , Its one of my favorite spots ..Love the culture . For me however the Racism was tough to deal with , especially after coming from Australia ..but I had the same problems in North Carolina , so it is what is .

    The club sounds great to me and reaonably laid back , Its cool to move but it can me a bit like ” The devil you know ” .

    Without harping ..Direct tips from clients , this is difficult when you are trying to run a business , and when running a business you have to watch your productive Revenue streams , this is non productive ( sitting talking ) ..You could argue that you are assisting by the guys remaining in the bar and drinking ..but you know ..It is VERY expensive to run one of these places and someone is providing the premises , Decor , etc etc . So it is logical that these actions will annoy management , probably NOT a lot , but it is at best LESS productive time .

    Here ( Australia Victoria ) the clubs get NO CUT at all on dances , their Revenue streams are Door , Drinks , Shift allowance ( you pay per shift worked ..price depends on the shift ) . But you would basically NEVER get tipped for sitting there talking or drinking .

    Great that you’ve sayed off the Booze ..Well done . The other thing thats NOT legal here is Smoking in Bars ..Im with you ALL the way on that one ..Im fit , and just HATE smoking , so its a double Wammy for me . In Bangkok or course ( Its improved ) but there is still smoking in some places , and man ..How is the smell in your clothes ?? ..Yuuukkk .

    Anyhow ..Well done ..Good Luck , Take Care ..


    • strippermonologues Says:

      Hey Dave,

      It’s clear that you obviously know what you’re talking about, but just wanted to let you know that even though it’s not the Most commonly done thing, often do get tipped for sitting, talking, drinking if we are in a booking….sometimes for hours on end. Love these big spenders and often they turn out to be heaps of fun!

  3. Sex Mahoney Says:

    What is the French word for parade? Paradé? Actually, I may as well look it up… What? The french word for parade is défilé? That is too rich.

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