Progress Report

I just barely managed to eek out a $320 shift last night after tip-outs and fees. It was the kind of night where salvation didn’t come until the last couple of hours, during which I finally managed to sell 7 dances and a 30 minute VIP room. Earlier in the evening, I’d been subjected to a lot of bullshit and games from customers. I went off on one time waster before the night turned around and spent one of my stage sets clomping my heels like a little kid throwing a tantrum.

The VIP room was awkward, but I was glad the guy was easily sold after the time waster who listened to the VIP sales pitch dicked me around for a good ten minutes. The time waster was hell-bent on convincing the manager/VIP hostess to get the room with him and at one point, he pulled out several C notes from his pocket, yet wouldn’t get a single lap dance with me. After turning down the VIP room, he promised to get one dance, but I botched it by saying “you’re not gonna stick me with the tab, are you?” when he failed to voluntarily pull out the $30.  He and his cheap ass three friends left, and although I apologized to management for being a bitch to them, they were only there to play games, not spend, and none of the four got a single lap dance or left a single stage tip. Guys flashing how much cash they have and not giving up a single dollar are my biggest pet peeve.

It seems like it’s hard to clear $300-$400 at my club without VIP rooms, which means I have to get creative with how to deal in those awkward, whip-out-their-dick champagne room situations. Last night turned into a “put your dick away or I’m gonna chill over here sipping my drink” situations. By 10-15 minutes in, he was hard-pressing me for oral, so if I am struggling to stall guys in a half hour room, I have to really get my shit together to survive 1.5 hour+ rooms.

I meant to audition at Hustler today between 12-6, but I woke up at 4PM! I like the idea of working at an upscale gown club, but I also like how friendly and casual my current club is. Considering how late I slept, it’s clear that working one club an average of four shifts per week allows for ample beauty sleep compared to burning myself out working seven shifts between two clubs. Not having a house mom is nice because it saves me the tip-out and it saves me being hustled over availability of snacks and beauty services I don’t necessarily take advantage of.


3 Responses to “Progress Report”

  1. Dave Says:

    All I know about VIP rooms is what I have read . Dont have them in Australia ..and ” well ” ..In Bangkok , you can probably imagine . But I have little idea how to handle and enhance those situations .

    On the dancing , I agree ..I reckon 7 shifts just burns you out wayyy too quick , you end up Angry , really pissed off ..and can potentially destroy a situation with a regular . I’ve seen MANY try , they pretty such ALL get burnt out . Its too Tough on the mental front .

    But you do realise ( I know you do ) ..that Hustler is completely different kettle of fish ??? ..Not so crusey …
    Potentially ..if you can put up with that ..You ” Should ” make more ..But , it will be difficult . Guess while you are there have to give it a go ????

  2. Dave Says:

    Wishing you Really Good luck …. You can do it !

  3. Sex Mahoney Says:

    Ooh, snacks?

    It seems like one of those light up signs like they have on airplanes should prevent unexpected and unwelcome cockflashing. You wouldn’t even have to change the sign much, but there would probably need to be a short video or demonstration explaining how and under what circumstances that is allowed. Also, seatbelts.

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