Stripper Allies

My new club is so friendly it kills me. I’m not one to take pride in being a bitch to co-workers. I did not get back into the business to act standoffish. I spent the earlier part of this Winter extremely lonely, isolated and depressed, and bonding with another stripper over how being the black sheep of the family makes financial independence all the more fulfilling is validating as fuck.

Say what you want about “daddy issues” and other presumed baggage, but after spending the holiday season wallowing in self-loathing, consoling a girl whose friend committed suicide and another girl who feels guilt over not seeing her kids enough during Mardi Gras feels like FAMILY for those of us whose families treat us like pariahs. Just sayin’….

Plus, when you hug your fellow strippers, their silky smooth skin and yummy smells enhance the process.


2 Responses to “Stripper Allies”

  1. Sex Mahoney Says:

    Family, that is the kind you’re born into, is a dangerous trap. They often want too much for themselves and expect too much from you. Friends are the family you choose. Support both as much as possible and forgive them their trespasses. Either way, there will hopefully be hugs all around.

  2. strippermonologues Says:

    I just did a cameo at an interstate club and was totally overwhelmed at how lovely the girls, management and customers are there. Blew my mind! If only my club at home could approach the business with similar professionalism and humanity, work would be a dream

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