I came down with a cold yesterday and tried in vain to leave work early. Which is why I’m extra curious and confused about this one broad at who shows up, no joke, at 10 or 11 at night for a couple hours. Among the comments about her:

“Is it me, or does she just come in and suck dick for two hours, then leave?”

“She does $20 lap dances instead of $30 and pays a higher house fee.” (I don’t see the logic in this.)

“I know she’s not trying to come in and work right now…” -Bouncer at 11PM

I had a group of Staten Island bachelor partygoers who spent a decent amount, but started working the “do a private party at our hotel” angle. When I creatively said no, they played the “we were here the other night and _____ said she was up for it for $175” card. Yeah…I bet she was. But as the bartender said, “I’ve seen the Player’s Club!”

If you’re working on Bourbon, the vast minority of customers are local. So word of mouth about who’s willing to meet outside work, who does what and just how much in the champagne rooms etc…isn’t a huge concern. But listening to internal gossip about who does what has been interesting lately.

There are many thinly veiled characters at strip clubs, both workers and customers: pimps, prostitutes and dealers mainly. One girl I talked to used to just sit in a corner of her old club and deal drugs, while avoiding stage sets and I have to hand it to her; considering the annoying volume of “where can I find oxy/blow/weed” customers requests, at least she capitalized on it.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Sex Mahoney Says:

    I would love to only work two hours a day, but I don’t think I have the jaw strength.

  2. Cassie Says:

    In NOLA it is possible on a good night to come in very late like 11 or 12 and still make good money, but that usually means your not going home at the earliest 4am. Love the blog!

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