Real Love, I’m Searching for a Real Love

I met a guy early in my time here by chance. He had been checking me out at a club called Eiffel Society, and bumped into me on the street the next day. I was coming off a day shift and walking from Bourbon to Cafe Maspero on Decatur (which has yummy French Onion btw) and he stopped me, asking if I’d been at Eiffel the night before. I spontaneously suggested he come along to dinner with me. We ended up booking Holiday Inn off, watching Young Adult for $15.99 and having sex. He’s a marine starting college on the GI bill at the ripe age of 26. He’s lived a lot of life, is a recovering alcoholic with similar views on AA, and has an ex-wife, plus two daughters. My snooty family would scoff at his on paper stats. But I like that he has so much substance. Not that it matters cause I haven’t heard from him in a week. (sigh) In line with the status quo of my lust life, I have been exchanging bountiful sexts with a guy back home. The guy is only 23 and I expect no more than sport fucking from him, but when will I expect more from myself? Am I being prematurely phased out by the guy here after getting my hopes up about fate, mutual struggles and mutual interests? At the end of the day, I’m an overly sexual girl. It helps me excel at work. But I’d like to have a true relationship pan out for once in my life.


3 Responses to “Real Love, I’m Searching for a Real Love”

  1. erin likes it hot Says:

    I’m sorry lady. It never feels good to have questions. But given your own issues with drinking, my couch-quarterbacking phycology (non-existant) degree says that you should probably date someone with a healthier relationship to alcohol than yourself.
    And maybe tease a little harder by putting off sex to date three. Yeah, make him work for it! Men love that kind of shit, especially when they realize how good you are in bed.
    You already know how to make men into putty, prove it!

  2. Sex Mahoney Says:

    Every relationship is real, no matter how long it lasts. They are mini-tragedies, either for ourselves or our partners. Eventually, someone always leaves first. That makes every moment until then so much sweeter.

  3. developergolfDave Says:

    Sweetie ……. Just go with your Heart , you dont need advice on this , go with your feelings ..and dont listen to Bullshit .

    Im here in Bangkok right now , which I simply adore ..lets you put all in perspective . Let the time take its own course .

    By the way , I see it as a positive that he has had a drinking Issue , and I certainly agree with you both on AA easy answers , we all ” love to Love ” until we get too cynical , and superficial to believe .

    Dave .

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