Summer Stripping

I have a flight home to Boston May 8, right after Jazz Fest here in New Orleans.

Because this city is way too hot to handle, not to mention, a ghost town, during the summer, I’m trying to plan my next move.

Vegas supposedly sucks summertime. Chicago, too.

The fact I don’t want to work at full nudity clubs makes figuring out my summer plans more complicated. I’m used to topless, moderate contact clubs.

I’m reading up on Providence clubs to see if any are feasible topless only. As much as I want to leave my pussy tucked away, I want my tits out and don’t know how I’d do at bikini bars. I also don’t know if I can deal with Providence and all the extras hound customers.

It’s only been a year or two since they banned indoor prostitution but I hear little has changed and that Brazilians there (like the Russians in New York) will do anything, except at a cheaper price than hard-hustling Russian chicks.

If any strippers read this, lend me some advice please! My first inclination was Vegas because I enjoy working a crowd of vacationers who are upbeat and spendy, not cheap Debbie Downers.

Random golf and beach towns? Carolinas? Jersey Shore?

Maybe I’ll bite the bullet and try Providence, so I can live rent free and have normal jobs in Boston while renting Zipcars 2-3 nights per week for quick extra dough. I’d like to think I’m pretty enough to compete with $100 BJ girls without offering $99 BJ’s.


6 Responses to “Summer Stripping”

  1. Sex Mahoney Says:

    Why limit yourself to the continental U.S.? What’s it like stripping internationally in countries that aren’t Mexico or Canada?

  2. developergolf Says:

    There are few opportunities that are not fully nude ( in the very least ) ..Certainly in a global sense . Australia would be close to the most ” hung up ” country on the planet , and even they dont do non fully nude stuff .

    Therefore , I dont think its an easy answer .

    But by all means have a crack at Aussie ..but its full on ..( No matter what others may say ) , I talking about a making money criteria ..But NO VIP ROOM , as a bonus so you dont have that element of it .

  3. 3xSurvivor (@3_x_survivor) Says:

    Philadelphia is still bikini bottom and pasties if I am right and there are no extras

  4. renegadetek Says:

    You should look into Lexington, KY. Yes I know its KY but there is a ton of Horse Industry money to be had. I used to runa club there.

    YOu might also look into , Myrtle Beach SC, Atlanta or Charlotte.

    good luck

  5. Dani Says:

    Myrtle Beach SC sucks in the summer. Spring and Fall is golf season so it’s awesome. But summer sucks. Kids are out of school so the grown men are doin the family thing. College kids are at the clubs and we all know they don’t have any money.

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