Dolla and a Dream

I’ve decided to move to LA by July. I don’t have as much money in the bank as I’d like and I’ll probably have to bite the bullet and get a car loan instead of paying up front, but it’s high time and I feel ready. I’ve wanted to be a TV writer since 2007 and I can’t afford to squander more years in other cities. So wish me luck and feel free to lend me some advice!


3 Responses to “Dolla and a Dream”

  1. Sex Mahoney Says:

    That is my dream, too. Good luck. Let’s write something together?

  2. Chris Says:

    sorry for being stupid but by LA you mean california right?

  3. newyorkcliche Says:

    Good luck, lady! Hope you make it. California’s my home state, it better treat you well.

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