Bottomless Bullshit

Not too many customers bitch and moan we aren’t full nude, though plenty hailing from Atlanta, certain parts of Texas, Wisconsin and other areas love leveraging the fact they get less for their money as an excuse to be cheap.

Female customers and civilians often ask “how do you get on stage topless like that?” and I always brush it off as no biggie. But bottomless is an emotional roadblock for me. It’s already irritating enough when I work the shit out of the pole and show my tits pro bono to an unimpressed, non-tipping crowd. Flashing my pussy in good faith, with nothing but some singles, or worse, perverted stares without tipping, as a reward just doesn’t sit well with me. Neither does the thought of getting finger fucked or otherwise sexually assaulted in ways that are far more applicable to nether regions than tits.

Last week, a young guy with an older man came in and pulled that move where he yanked my G string way out from my body and put the dollar right along my crack. Ever the psycho bitch, I ripped it up like confetti and told him it wasn’t worth it. The older guy later apologized for him and gave me $20, but in other clubs and other states, he’d have had nothing to apologize for and wouldn’t have pissed off the girl to begin with.

Guys often seem confused that a girl would go topless with zero hang-ups, yet clam up at full nudity. But I think my fellow women-folk can understand. Some of my favorite stripper bloggers are based in Portland, and I don’t know how they do it.

I’m not trying to act self-righteous or flaunt my personal boundaries. If my pussy looked more like a porn star’s, i.e. zero razor burn and less flappiness, maybe I’d be more inclined to show it off. I feel like my pussy is not as attractive as possible and that unleashing it on a stage audience would be akin to the girl with the horrible botched boob job dropping her top.

Ugly pussy self-esteem issues aside, it’s also a mental boundary. It seems far too easy to be violated on stage, during lap dances or in VIP when you have no barrier. The worst offense is on stage since the dollar stakes are low and the humiliation factor of having an audience is high.

As another girl said while discussing topless vs. nude, “a G string may be a tiny, almost microscopic barrier, but it’s a barrier.”

And as one of my cheesy jokes goes, “so little of me is left to the imagination and yet so much.”


2 Responses to “Bottomless Bullshit”

  1. developergolf Says:

    I dont like to see girls go bottomless on the tables , and in the normal course of events it Never happens however the Odd punter who prefers a table dance to a lap dance will recieve this priviledge . Its often a group of a few guys , some of whom are too scared to have a lap dance on their own .

    I think personally a g-string as shown is actually sexier , and makes much more sense ..Honestly believe it or not , and I appreciate that guys ( generally ) are simplistic creatures , the actual unveiling of the Pussy is just a tiny tiny part of the world of exotic dance

  2. mikev Says:

    honestly i can see where your coming from. i live in texas and have been to both topless and nude strip clubs. personally i prefer just the topless clubs, the entertainers seem to have more fun and i always love to imagine what may be under the little that is there. gotta say that i will be reading your posts in the future cause i found it very interesting.

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