Commute Pictures

Thanks to weight gain, I got the “come back in 5 pounds” treatment at Hustler and Flashdancer’s. I got psyched out and pissed at myself after trying four Manhattan clubs unsuccessfully, so I’m working in Staten Island until I can “upgrade” or add a second job. I have no desire to work in Queens again when it comes to outer boroughs. Staten Island’s a trek, but the demographic is better suited to me.

I’ve been meaning to work at Private Eyes or New York Dolls in Manhattan (where Flashdancer’s outsources dancers they deem worthy, but in need of junior varsity grooming) but all my long gowns are in storage. There are a good 10-12 dresses I want from but I’m trying not to spend a bunch of start-up money. (If you’re a dancer passing through NYC, Kamala, who has high SEO on Google for shipped gown orders, makes their dresses in Long Island City and can alter yours on the spot if you go in person.)

It’s that Catch-22 of not wanting to spend, but knowing there’s higher earning potential in Manhattan. My club in New Orleans was feeling annoyingly brothel-ish toward the end, so I’m actually happy to work at a casual, lap dance and stage club for a few weeks. Some of the girls wear some downright ugly one piece numbers that ride up their butts like a Baywatch bathing suit, but it’s not super low class.

Back in New Orleans, we had lots of Staten Island customers, usually destination bachelor parties. They are the type of middle class Italian-American that likes me; I’m a sassy red-head who is short and curvy. In fact, I’m thinking of buying shorter heels cause at a mere 5’2″ 1/2, I’m towering over the vertically challenged Italian guys in my 8″ platform shoes! I have zero self-consciousness when I kick them off to start a lap dance and make a big point of showing them my shrinkage. (Speaking of my petite height, that’s why modest weight gain is a beast ; every three pounds shows far more than it would on tall girls.)

Without further ado, I have some really pretty commuting pictures to show y’all; mainly from the Staten Island ferry en route home, as well as some Verrazano Bridge and Manhattan skyline pics.



5 Responses to “Commute Pictures”

  1. Sex Mahoney Says:

    There is nothing prettier than watching New York reveal itself from the windows of a train. The city is calling.

  2. traveler7 Says:

    you should try beamers in stamford ct. nice, by the book club. full contact laps but no games and no extras. locals, financial types and from what i see very flexible scheduling. we’d luv to meet you!

  3. strippermonologues Says:

    You’ll be back in form in no time honey! If you need some nutrition info let me know. I have a killer health kick diet that is super good for your body and energy levels with the added bonus of shedding weight quickly. AND you can eat as much as you want, as long as it’s the right foods. Hope you feel better soon X

  4. BH Says:

    Maybe check out – it’s an online community for strippers and is a great place to get club reviews before you go. Still new but growing fast!

  5. brianna Says:

    i am from nj i use to work in ny n staten island…are u working at curves? there are a lot of good clubs in nj….

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