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Mitt Romney Paid for my IUD

June 14, 2012

I’m not feeling wordy, so I figured I’d share a huge perk I’m enjoying only 1.5/5 years in thanks to Romney-care! Wahoo for reproductive choice!

By the way, Mitt. The birth control, valued at about $500, which cost me $0, has saved me $100+ in tampons I didn’t need to buy, cock-blocked me from getting laid exactly zero times, and prevented unwanted pregnancies. I’m a sex worker, but I’m not pro-abortion PERSONALLY; I’m pro-choice universally. I’m pro-preventing the need to have an abortion in the first place.

Let’s stop fooling our young, vulnerable, and sexually miseducated women into thinking a pain-in-the-ass daily pill is the only way. Or rather, the only acceptable, sweep-your-slut smut under the rug way. That’s just our first world medical system keeping you hooked on prescription drugs and doctor’s appointments to obtain prescriptions. Let’s stop manipulating young women into thinking ‘the pill’ is the only feasible option for them. Teens are flaky! Depo-Provera and the Mirena IUD are far more error-proof and cost-effective. Stop fooling sexually active teens into thinking they should be ashamed to ask for an IUD because they aren’t monogamous or destitute single mothers.

Financial hardship and monogamy are not prerequisites to seek long-term, effective, birth control with little to no room for error. A middle class teen might have access to her parents’ high disposable income for birth control and morning after pills, but instead of milking her along one copay at a time, why don’t you set her up on the five year IUD plan? It’s reversible! It’s cheap! But alas, it puts less money in your pockets…And asking middle class parents to somehow ‘confess’ their daughter’s a slut by ‘fixing’ her for five years highlights your self-proclaimed parental failure. Keeping your daughter pregnancy free is an easier pill to swallow one day (or rather, one prescription refill) at a time.


Carpe Diem

June 7, 2012

I have a half dozen unpublished blog post drafts. There are certain emotions and occurrences I’m burning to share and dissect, but I’ve become more cautious about impulsively broadcasting information easily connected to my real life.

Suffice it to say, I decided to splurge on something expensive that will be a fantastic experience. I wasn’t going to. I almost transferred my entire bank account to Etrade so responsibility would be the victor over immediate gratification. But we’re not talking about a Louis Vuitton bag, here. We’re talking about reuniting with best friends.

I’m happy with my decision. Two days ago, I was waffling and heard about the unexpected death of a friend’s friend (someone I happened to have an amicable NSA hookup with six years ago). I tend to think of young deaths as preventable, but this wasn’t a suicide or OD, it just happened out of the blue and of course, reminded me time is precious.

It’s one of the sad things about growing up; losing that sense of bulletproof invincibility. I want to leave an impact, however small, during my time and I need experiences to feel inspired. Being a working drone staying in every night and stashing up for a future that isn’t guaranteed ain’t my style.