Stop the Hipster Madness!

Seen on the N train this morning.

What’s this dude’s deal? Is he trying to resemble some kind of New York City literary great of yore?

Does he realize the title of his old-school Signet Classic is too small to read from my seat, thus failing to impress me? I’m willing to bet it’s one of those outdated prints marked 69 cents, likely found at a Brooklyn rummage sale. Perhaps he scored it at the estate sale of a tortured writer who killed himself and now he gets to brag about having all the original underlines and notes taken by said troubled soul. How deep.

Yes, dear gentleman and scholar, I did notice you were about 95% through with the book. Bravo. Have you actually read the book three times already and just ride around staring at page 450 hoping it will trigger a conversation you are so well-versed and rehearsed in?

As a blogger, I have love for plenty of hipster types, provided they’re not too self important. Seeing people like this dude make such glaringly obvious effort incurs more gag reflex than trying to deep throat Dirk Diggler.

Save me a seat at the Algonquin table, guy. And have a dry martini made with an obscure, Hemingway-endorsed, gin ready.


4 Responses to “Stop the Hipster Madness!”

  1. Sex Mahoney Says:

    As someone who fears being secretly judged on trains, this post scares me.

  2. Flor Linda Says:

    I wasn’t there so my opinion doesn’t count for much, but isn’t it possible he was just a guy who brought a book to read, to relieve the tedium of sitting on a train full of strangers?

    I mean, did he act like he was posing, glancing around at people and stuff, or was he just completely absorbed in the book like he looks in your photo? If he was posing, would he be squeezing his knees together like he had to pee? I’d say look the other way, live and let live.

  3. erin likes it hot Says:

    LOL to to comment above. And hey, c’mon, what if he had an interview? (Lol to yore as well) ^.^
    Sorry I’ve been off the map for awhile, hope you’re doing well!

  4. Lilly Muse Says:

    Aww…it’s hard to say without being in his direct field, but to me his body says nervous, not pompous. He could be just trying to get somewhere, quietly, without judgment.

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