Disappointing Dick

41oTH0ext4L._SS500_[1]Being single, I always have a booty call option or two, but I’m in a mild dry spell.

I hooked up with this college brat the other night and he couldn’t even get his small dick hard. When I’m craving sex, it’s the penetration I’m after. Some raw, animalistic shit instead of feeble foreplay. Go ahead and cum in three minutes, I’d rather get fucked hard and quick than drag it out. So this 21 year old’s failure to deliver some deep dick was a significant let-down.

I could have gotten laid last night (by a customer, always smart, right?) but just stopped being in the mood to be that stupid. I could tell he had a decent cock with no erection issues after several lap dances and VIP, so a mild loss, I guess.

They are doing construction at the club (everyone in New Orlenas is in overzealous “be perfect by the Super Bowl” mode) and one of my managers suddenly looks a bit too good, now that I’ve seen him working tools in sleeveless shirts a few times. But, although I’ve seen girls have drama-free relationships with DJ’s and managers at my club before, I heard this manager isn’t worth fucking! Good to know I’m dodging that bullet, but our Christmas party is tonight and I just might act a fool.

In other news, I’m obsessed with doing a roller girl stage show, because I’ve always loved Boogie Nights and all things 70’s, including disco music. We’ve had awesome stage customers this past week, including a BP oil dude who tipped me $100 simply for fulfilling his request to “shake it” and we do one-woman shows, so I think it’d be a blast. People would surely tip handsomely to see me get to the top of our 18″ pole in those things; I just need to order a new pair that’s lightweight and minimally cumbersome. And I’ll have to get around the fact roller-girl knee high socks are NOT conducive to pole climbing. When I googled grip socks, I just found things for babies, hospital patients and old slip n’ fall types that grip on the bottom, but not up and down the length.

I was so burnt out last night, my desire to have one customer continuously was thankfully fulfilled. The same guy bought me a few drinks, had plenty to talk about, had two lap dances and a VIP room. It killed me to ignore the other customers and I know I could have earned more had I the energy. We had two college football teams that were literally running to the strip club across the street to recruit their friends and get more singles for us. Even as I walked out in my flip flops and sky-high scrunchied bun, a guy stopped me to say “aw, you’re leaving!?”

Anyhow, elaborating on my “themed” stage shows (I already do lots of 80’s music with the Madonna rosary necklace) would be a fun diversion with some ROI. Only problem is people are just tipping at the stage lately, usually they just sit there staring at the free show. And we’ve all seen that other girl who gets rained on standing there doing jack shit cause some dude likes her waist-hip ratio, while you get tipped nada. For once, the crowd lately has been cheering on the fact it is a SHOW, whistling, clapping, getting up from across the room to reward a pole trick….those fuckers who want a bunch of grinding tits in their face interaction are so annnoyingly needy; sure I enjoy giving a little love up close and personal, but I’d rather just be on the pole. And obviously, I don’t enjoy giving you what is esssentially a table tance at the stage for the possibility of a stupid one dollar bill.


2 Responses to “Disappointing Dick”

  1. Sex Mahoney Says:

    Dry spell sounds so negative. You have simply come to a clearing in the forest of cocks.

  2. Whores N Hookers Says:

    Sorry for your loss.

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