Worse Jobs

A detective came by a few weeks ago to ask us about an armed robbery at Little Darlings. The perp had walked past our club en route to commiting the crime and he was trying to determine at what point he put his mask on and if it was recorded on security footage in the area.

Little Darlings has a bad reputation and I honestly don’t recommmend any girl work there because it’s dangerous. They are always open the latest, with the sketchiest crowd and I always have customers telling me they were offered $40 blow jobs or “$240 do do WHATEVER you want to me and this other girl in VIP.” If you’re selling it, have some self-worth! So I suspect they have girls with pimps and quotas, working more for volume than price, which anyone in retail knows, is the bottom line.

I can’t help thinking of A Confederacy of Dunces when it comes to, shall we say, customer screening. I always think of the bar owner saying “letting those characters in here will ruin my investment!” Recruiting and filtering customers is the door barker’s job and some are damn good at getting the “right” people in. A club half full of mediocre customers and a decent staff of girls appeals to more prospective clients than an empty, drab look, so we definitely let “filler” guys in to take up space. There’s one really bad alcoholic “regular” who is tolerated during day shift, but the minute he walks in during night shift, he’s walked right back out.

I always eat at this one restaurant en route to work and am pathetically regular, with staff knowing me status. I told my waitress yesterday I wanted her to come into my job so I can “take care of her” as well sometime. She seemed a little shy, but not petrified of strip clubs, admitting “I used to waitress at a strip club and it wasn’t that bad. The worst job I had was cocktailing at the casinos. I saw all the worst things you can see, including people killing themselves.” That moved my morbid core and reminded me why I can only handle Vegas a few days at a time; the climate of desperation and depression is contageous and draining. The main reason I like working on Bourbon is everyone’s in vacation mode; either destination bachelor parties, business conference men eager to exploit their working vacation, and tourists. I’m not dealing with depressing, high maintenance and needy locals who are addicted to venting their problems and putting me in more of a therapist than “entertainer” role.


3 Responses to “Worse Jobs”

  1. developergolf / David Says:

    I have exactly the same opinion of Vegas .. 3 Days and man Ive had enough , can only imagine what she saw . I haven’t been back since 1999 , and I doubt I will ever go back ..Although the Golf , and the G C are certainly worth seeing . The desperation of the gambler is absolutely depressing … I this recall this guy on his hands and Kness to police after being ” Ejected ” ..COOOOOMMEE ON MAN ..COOOME ON , IM A GROWN MAN BEGGING TO YA ” , It scared the shit outta me , said to by mate Don ” Why doesn’t he just walk next door Don ” ..” Well Davieee , he feels like this place is lucky for him man ” ..LUCKY ? are you kidding ? Give me Asia , where I have to cross the border to find one ..even this Melbourne (1 only) is depressing , an electric now with No clocks .

    Who needs all that shit dropped on them ? ..Life is tough without it .

  2. Sex Mahoney Says:

    There’s no shortage of disturbing aspects to most casinos and strip clubs (and supermarkets): the lack of windows and clocks, high turnover rate among employees, potentially poisonous buffets. However, until I read this post, I never considered the role of keeping undesirable looking folks (a.k.a. skinflinty, like me) out of places for the sake of business. I understand that it’s for everyone’s benefit, but it seems like it has a high potential for all kinds of discrimination. The whole business model could use a reboot. It’s terribly inefficient and old-timey.

    • developergolf Says:

      I must admit I adore the Poisonous Buffet …lol , they want get me , half the world would drop dead first . Living in Asia helps . But was thinkinking while roaming aimlessly yesterday ( In Australia) ..Imagine if all these dudes had guns ??no wonder people are paranoid . The Gun Lobby dude ” The only thing that stops a Bad guy with a Gun is a good guy with a Gun ” ..Fuck me ..Is this guy for real ??

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