The two main aspects of my job that curb depression are the socializing and the music. Our DJ’s are very good about playing us what we want, which is great since they’re on our payroll! It would be a more begrudging tip-out otherwise.

They indulge my rather nerdy music tastes; mainly 80s New Wave and disco. Two nights ago, they even played Fernando by Abba for me, cause I had a cute Mexican customer by that name. I don’t dance to super obscure stuff and there are some songs the DJ’s boycott, like Sexy Sadie by The Beatles and anything by The Doors. Not to mention the blatant racism involved in my toned down rap list (I’ve been working them to play Too Short – Blow the Whistle forever). But here’s an abridged list of my usual songs:

She Bop – Cyndi Lauper
Send me an Angel – Some 80s one hit wonder band
For Whom the Bell Tolls – Metallica
Best of My Love – The Emotions
Love to Love You, Baby – Donna Summer
Back to Black/Rehab – Amy Winehouse
Don’t Let Go – En Vogue
Ready or Not – The Fugees
Bang Your Head – Quiet Riot
Animal Magnetism – The Scorpions
Diamonds – Rihanna
Eyes Witout a Face – Billy Idol
Back and Forth – Aaliyah
Into the Groove/Hung Up/Forbidden Love/Burning Up – Madonna


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