Terry Francona and Finally Realizing My Club Sucks

I’ve seen two Terry Francona doppelgangers at work this week, and as a Bostonian Masshole Red Sox fanatic, I can tell the differences between a lookalike and the real deal.

The first time I saw what appeared to be the beloved former Red Sox manager, I was chatting with a group of Boston guys and they tried to claim their friend was Francona, which I called bullshit on.

Yesterday, however, I was primping in the dressing room when my female manager came in and said:

” (Bartender from Rhode Island) is freaking out like a little boy cause there’s a celebrity here. He told me to tell you, Marissa….his name’s….Terry Francona?”

Of course, all the other girls were like, “who?” while I, on the other hand, got giddy, raced to lock my locker and bolted onto the floor as fast as my strapless 8″ heels could carry me.

I couldn’t wait to give him a hug thanking him for the Red Sox heyday memories and let him know I’ve started to read his new memoir “The Red Sox Years.”

I flashed a smile at the bartender, saying “are you serious right now?” and the moment I got within five feet, I could tell it was a moustached, Joe Shmo version,.

“No, I’m not serious,” said the bartender, “but he looks like him, right?”

Who gives a shit. Man, I’m so gullible.

We don’t get nearly enough celebs at my club. Not that all pro athletes and celebs tip well or make good customers, but I think it’s a reflection that my club isn’t that great and, after recent setbacks with my schedule, I’m super eager to move on.

I went to Rick’s Cabaret with a friend last night and scanning the crowd, I thought, “holy crap, this looks like the easiest group of guys to work ever!” All middle aged and white collar.

My club is too much like a glorified bar where customers aren’t pressured enough to spend, like at Rick’s. I realized I’ve settled for a club where I can’t maximize my potential, like I did as a newbie stripper, working at Scandals in Queens (don’t work there, trust me!)

I’m all but good to go starting at Rick’s Sporting Saloon, which will make good training grounds to groom my hustle and ultimately transfer to Rick’s Cabaret.

I’ve let self-consciousness about my age and weight hold me back, but spending a long time at Rick’s Cabaret yesterday demonstrated that some thickness wasn’t a big problem and a mature age wasn’t a big setback either, considering their relatively old clientele. Being black, however…..appears to be a difficult hurtle.

My friend from Penthouse, a club that prefers skinny-minnies, said, “Rick’s knows how to provide a diverse crop of girls; there’s no set type” That is NOT the case in Manhattan, where it’s all anorexic Russians, but it certainly was here in New Orleans.

The house fees at Rick’s are not bad at all. It’s free if you start by 3PM and considering my current club has a swing shift, I’m used to that start time. It only goes up to $100 if you start post-midnight. Not bad for a far superior club, considering most girls have the sense to get there before midnight.

They have $20 table dances with no touching allowed and $60 private dances upstairs; I love the option of having a very accessible price point, and a “get what you pay for” higher price point. The girls keep all $20 of the table dances and $50 out of $60 on privates. Not bad at all! And the VIP’s according to my Penthouse friends, are much better money.

Penthouse short sells themselves on VIP’s, offering a 20 minute option for $150ish and charging only $550 for a full hour. At Ricks, the girls get $800 per hour to themselves; way less of a raw deal than my club or Penthouse.

I’m excited to move on soon! I’m also excited for my brief trip to NYC, Boston, and possibly Houston,. coming up, which is why I might postpone Ricks’ Sporting Saloon until I get back and have full time availability.



4 Responses to “Terry Francona and Finally Realizing My Club Sucks”

  1. developergolf Says:

    My God ..People pay that for VIP room ? F*ck me .. ha ha ha ha ..Just MOVE sweetie and make some money . Now I kinda understand why the American Chicks we used to get here from Time to Time ..Rarely got the Australian market .

    I cant understand this VIP room concept , and why they would pay that ?? ..Its not like that here ..

    Just Straight One on One Personals ..You NEVER get a Table dance ( Extremely rare ) ..striaght $20 1 Song , $50 For 15 Minutes personnal , which is Crazy enough really ..But , its getting tougher and tougher to make good money . Over regulation , Clubs putting on Far too Many Girls , the cost of the Liquor License is Crazy here , so drinks basically have to be expensive .$70 shift allowance , no exceptions .

    The talented and point of difference ..still do well ..but it tougher .

    So Basically , I say GO FOR IT AND MOVE .. you dont always get the chance to make this money . But , do me a favor ( For You ) ..Write a business plan ..Set some budgets , and write down exactly what you are going to Change to get there ..Then GO FOR IT . But remember , dont feel pity for others , the loosers , the lesbians , Some stupid Dude ..Just focus on Your goal ..and really just focus on you . ( I know its hard ..because you are not selfish enough ) ..

    Just be an absolute Focused BITCH for one year ..But please ..Write the plans . Promise that it works . Then 1.Focus 2.Focus 3 .Focus .

  2. sexmahoney Says:

    I love the idea that there are sales methods that will pressure men to spend more in an environment full of semi-clothed women and sometimes alcohol. Innovate.

    Since you’re an independent contractor, maybe you can offer customers a store credit card* (* if they pre-qualify) with a secured credit card with a maximum balance of $500 at 75% interest, (compounded hourly), with a yearly fee and a small (enormous) maintenance charge?

    • developergolf Says:

      Sales methods that actually work certainly dont involve Rip offs ..Those who bring such thoughts , really need to consider their participation in the Industry . For those not happy with what they do ..or not in the correct head space , its better for all to give it away .

      For those you want to maximise income , you need to be complete with what you are selling . If you are thinking deception , it never works like an actual plan ..plus comfort in your own 8in Heels , g -string , and most important mental reading of the play ..Forget the word ” Hussell ” ..and think of a business related sale , and sale of a service is really simple ..Be emotionally ready , and love it ..

      If you are hating it ..Quit ..Or at least take time out

      Simple and logical really .

  3. Rockit Reports Says:

    Rick’s in Manhattan has all kinds of girls: American, European, white, black, Asian, Indian, African, Jamaican, etc. Old, young, thing, thick, fake tits, big tits, no tits. Been there many a time. Good steaks too!

    I don’t know about the house fees, but I do know that they are involved in a class action lawsuit over the status of the status of dancers as “independent contractors.” If they loose (and case law seems to suggest that they very well may), they are going to have to shell out back-pay to all the dancers who have ever worked there.

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