I’ve worked a handful of shifts at a new club and it’s going way better than expected.

My old club, as mentioned ad nauseum before, punished me schedule-wise for alleged solicitation. They are strict and clean and I was proud to work there, even though at least one shift a week was a complete waste of time.

Consider one crappy shift or even two per week that are barely worth showing up, multiply that by on-and-off working a year at the place, and you can see I’ve wasted tons of time.

I reluctantly went to work at a clu with a trashy reputation because I know the door guy; he’d text me when I was out of town, telling me to come in, so it was the easy choice upon my return to New Orleans.

All the girls are nice, making the transition easy, four girls (and counting) I know a little or a lot from my other club (Bourbon is incestuous) and there’s no micromanagement. That means a lot, ahem, goes on there, but you can set your own boundaries. The club has 3/$100 private dances which are super easy to sell since it’s like selling a cheap-o VIP room. People actually fucking tip at the stage, unlike my last job, and they are a more enthusiastic, and EXISTENT crowd.

Best thing of all; no schedule. You just show up as you please. You pay a higher house fee if you arrive super late, but sometimes it’s better to work a shorter shift well rested than show up early to save a little. On Monday and Tuesday, you get free house fee if you’re on the floor by 9PM. All in all, not a raw deal. The house fee is super low and the DJ gets 10% of what you make. That may seem like a lot, but at least if you have a random fluke of a bad night, you can tip $1 if you made literally $10, instead of having to tip $20 no matter how little you made.

The girls there are not cream of the crop, but they’re very nice, and plenty of them are cute enough, and good enough on stage, not to mention personable, to keep customers in. It seems the door guys do a good job and that the club also has the advantage of more foot traffic, being less on the periphery of Bourbon.

So all in all, good stuff. I’ve had some pretty lucrative shifts, and the mediocre ones were still decent. I’m looking forward to paying off my taxes and being 100% free of debt soon. I’ve decided to stay in New Orleans one more month, because my cheap apartment prospect for April in Queens fell through. If things keep going the way they are, I’ll have plenty of dough to sign a lease in a nice area like Sunnyside Queens next month. This is that fun part of the year, like last Spring, where, every time I have a New York customer, I take their info and tell them to visit me at a club in their city soon.


2 Responses to “Downgrade=Upgrade”

  1. erin likes it hot Says:

    Sounds like things are picking up for you–glad to hear it!

  2. Sex Mahoney Says:

    There really is nowhere like New York. Get there soon.

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